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MIAMI (AP) — The Miami Marlins are in the midst of a rebranding campaign , and it’s unclear whether the effort will include keeping National League Most
Valuable Players for a change.As of now, the Marlins are merely making cosmetic
tweaks, unveiling a new logo and color scheme for Derek Jeter’s year-old
ownership regime.The downtrodden franchise celebrated its new look at a
red-carpet event Thursday night just as Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Christian
Yelich was being named the NL MVP. That makes it two consecutive winners of the
award traded by the Marlins last offseason, with Yelich joining 2017 MVP
Giancarlo Stanton, now with the New York Yankees.The trades were part of a
payroll purge and rebuilding effort under the ownership, and Jeter said he
understands why the deals might make the franchise a target of derision.“I get
it. It’s a complicated history,” he said. “I understand that sometimes we take
the blame for what has happened here in the past. We have to prove that
wrong.“We want to win. That’s the bottom line. It’s about 25 guys on our team;
it’s not about one particular player. We have to take the time to build that
organization.”With the focus on accumulating prospects, All-Star catcher J.T.
Realmuto could be the next to go, and the Marlins are shopping him this
offseason.While the payroll will likely be small again in 2019, the team can at
least tout a new look. The old orange is out Scott Schebler Jersey , and blue, black, red and gray are the new colors. The logo features a darting marlin above baseball seams and “Miami” in
script.The Marlins said they chose colors found in the large variety of cultural
flags flown in South Florida. They said the script was influenced by typography
commonly found in Latin-American culture, with a font style and accent colors
reminiscent of the 1950s Miami Marlins minor league team, as well as the Havana
Sugar Kings of the same era.Jeter, the team’s CEO, had input on the designs.“We
tried to capture the energy and diversity of Miami,” he said. “We listened to
our fans. We took a lot of time looking around Miami. We’ve done Miami’s
colors.”With the changes, the franchise further distances itself from the
unpopular former owner, Jeffrey Loria. He changed the colors and logo when the
Marlins moved into a new ballpark in 2012.“We want to put our own mark on the
organization Scooter Gennett Jersey ,” Jeter said. “It differentiates the past with the present and the future. It was important for us to do this.”Changes at Marlins
Park are also being made. The kitschy home run sculpture has been dismantled and
will be replaced by a tiered standing room-only area for spectators. In another
section, fans will be invited to bring musical instruments, bells, whistles and
flags as a way to show pride in their native countries.“We’re hopeful when they
walk into the park next year, it’s an entirely different experience for them,”
Jeter said. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred placed some of the
blame for why Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout isn't a more
marketable player on the All-Star shared Manfred's comments,
which suggested Trout doesn't spend as much time marketing himself off the field
as he could:"Player marketing requires one thing for sure -- the player. You
cannot market a player passively. You can't market anything passively. You need
people to engage with those to whom you are trying to market in order to have
effective marketing. We are very interested in having our players more engaged
and having higher-profile players and helping our players develop their
individual brand. But that involves the player being actively engaged.Mike's a
great, great player and a really nice person, but he's made certain decisions
about what he wants to do and what he doesn't want to do, and how he wants to
spend his free time and how he doesn't want to spend his free time. That's up to
him. If he wants to engage and be more active in that area George Foster Jersey , I think we could help him make his brand really, really big. But he has to make a decision that he's prepared to engage in that
area. It takes time and effort."Trout has a number of things going for him in
terms of his marketability, not the least of which is his once-in-a-generation
type of talent.He is a mere 26 years old and is already a two-time MVP,
seven-time All-Star, Rookie of the Year, two-time All-Star Game MVP and
five-time Silver Slugger. He drilled a home run during Tuesday's All-Star Game,
helping the American League win its sixth straight in the annual showdown.Trout
already has 25 home runs this season, marking the seventh straight year he
reached that total. He also plays in a big market and was visible to a national
audience during Tuesday's contest when he conducted an interview with the Fox
broadcasters while playing the field.Despite his immense talent and a career
that has put him on a sure path to the Hall of Fame, a number of features have
delved into the question of why isn't he a bigger star, pointing to factors such
as the long schedule , the lack of transcendent stars in baseball compared to other sports and his
satisfaction in simply showing up to the park and dominating on the field.For
his part, Trout said "I got to pick and choose when I want to do things" outside
of the game, per thing holding Trout back from a bigger national
presence is the fact that his Angels have made the playoffs just once during his
career and were promptly swept in the first round in 2014. The playoffs are when
household names in local markets play in the biggest moments in front of larger
audiences, and he hasn't had the opportunity to consistently do so.That doesn't
seem likely to change this year either with his Angels sitting at 49-48 and in
fourth place in the American League West.Trout remains a singular force on the
field, but the commissioner believes he can do more to market himself even if
his team appears set to fall short of the playoffs yet again.
Posted 16 Jan 2019

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