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Today (Aug. 16th 2003) marks the 6 year death anniversary of one of Pakistan's single greatest singers...Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

As ya'll could tell from my username, i was a HUGE fan. can u guys imagine what he would have done if her were still alive??!! the musical magic that would have been created?!! he was slated to work with the likes of paverotti, and madonna on an experimental album! the strides he would have made for pakistani music would have been ENORMOUS (even bigger than what he already had contributed on a world music level). can anyone else say they worked for lollywood, bollywood, AND HOLLYWOOD (mind you, the music for hollywood was nominated for a grammy!)and created HIT SONGS FOR ALL?!?!?!?! man...what a loss for pakistan and music in general.

was anyone else a fan?! please share your thoughts....
Posted 16 Aug 2003

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