ctiveness of chiropractic

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Even though millions of people are seeking chiropractic care, there are still those who are skeptical about
modern chiropractic care. Even doctors and scientists are still looking for ways
to discredit the effectiveness of chiropractic. These people claim that
chiropractic is not a proven alternative treatment and should not be taught in
universities. Of course, the chiropractic association will defend itself because
there are so many evidences that prove the effectiveness of chiropractic

Chiropractic has a holistic approach on treating people. It encompasses exercise, electrophysical therapy, sports therapy,
tapping and massage. Chiropractors are experts in spinal health, which is why
spinal manipulation is their core treatment. Chiropractors do spinal
manipulations everyday as this is considered a therapeutic intervention to
relieve the musculoskeletal system of pain and discomfort. There is a gentle
force applied on the spine that will bring it back to alignment. An aligned
spine improves blood flow, nerve transmission and nerve

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