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Watch Jersey Shore Season 4 Episode 10 Online The upcoming of Milker Hold Season 4 Episode 10 Impairment Is testament be airing on Weekday Oct 6
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Jersey Shore Sx4 Ep10

BEIJING, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- The Western powers' continuous intervention in the Middle East, especially since the Arab uprising, or the so-called Color
Revolution, has worsened the situation in the troubled region and led to the
worst refugee crisis since World War II for Europe.

Struggling to cope with the refugee crisis, the West appears to be taking the moral high ground, except it has no reason to do so because it should shoulder
at least some of the blame for the crisis itself.

The Arab uprising, which started in Tunisia in late 2010, spread throughout the Arab world and toppled rulers in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen in what
seems to be a domino effect.

Looking back, the revolution in the region was initiated by dissatisfied people in those countries, where social contradictions have accumulated due to
various reasons. However, the Western powers, particularly the United States,
took advantage of the turmoil and tried to promote agendas beneficial to

The West led by the United States has directly or indirectly intervened to overthrow some of the leaders and blatantly supported Syrian opposition to
topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Waving the flags of democracy and freedom, advocating non-violent protests and demonstrations, the West, particularly the United States, pushed forward the
Color Revolution by immensely pressuring ruling regimes and ultimately
collapsing them, creating a power vacuum afterward and leading to further
political unrest and social disorder.

The non-violent toppling attempt failed and an all-out civil war broke out in Syria, facilitating the rise of the radical militant group Islamic State.

Only seeking to secure their own safety and interests, Western powers have meddled in regional affairs, incited turmoil and waged wars, bringing chaos to
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