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The action of taking a banned substance to improve performance in sport is referred to as doping. The term dope originated from
South Africa where it was used to describe a primitive alcoholic drink that was
used as a stimulant at ceremonial dances. Over time the term doping graduated to
a sporting context where it is referred to as athletes using a banned substance
or methods that may improve sporting performance. The term doping first appeared
in an English dictionary in
1879 Wholesale Ty
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 , however drugs in sport have been evident throughout the
history of sport.

BC Period
Sport played a large role in society in BC times. Around the period of 800BC emphasis was placed on the artistic nature
of sport on top of being a preparatory method for the warriors of that time.
However from 400BC sport received a new status whereby it was of similar
priority, if not higher than it is in modern times, therefore seeing the demise
of the amateur competitor. Professional sport ultimately led to corruption and
cheating, with competitors willing to invest in any preparation which would lead
to victory. In this period a method that was thought to lead to a higher level
of sporting performance was consuming extracts of mushrooms and plant seeds.

Through evolution from the BC Greek period to the Roman Empire
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 , the status of sport continued to develop. The
use of drugs in this period was well recorded, chariot racers feed their horses
a potent mixture to make them run faster, while many gladiators where doped up
to make their fights sufficiently vigorous and bloody for the paying public to

Christian Period
During the Christian era sport played a small role in society with only sports such as boxing being offered as a substitute
for the games of the Roman period. Seeing as sport did not have a high place in
society in this period, drugs in sport was not an issue as there were no rewards
for success.

The 19th Century
The 19th century once again saw the introduction of sport in society as a social
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 , therefore drugs in sport became more evident in this
period as opposed to the Christian era. With the onset of the industrial
revolution in the late 19th century there became increasing methods in both the
development of sport and sports performance enhancement. By the turn of the
century sport had developed a significant institution in its own right and to
succeed in sport became highly valued. This placed pressure which has
contributed to the escalation in drug taking in sport, as well as the number of
drug related deaths in the sporting community.

Modern Times
In 1988 in Australia the national Senate Standing Committee on Environment, Recreation
and the Arts began an inquiry into the use of drugs by Australian athletes. This
enquiry led to the establishment of the Australian Drug Sports Agency (ASDA) in

TOKYO, Sept. 25 (Xinhua) -- Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike on Monday announced her intention to launch her own national political
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 , according to local media reports.

Koike said in a press briefing on the matter that she will be the leader of a new political party at the national level and that the party will be called
"Kibou No To," which means Party of Hope in English.

Koike's announcement comes on the heels of a number of high profile defections from both the ruling and opposition camps by party lawmakers to join
a new party launched by her close ally, lower house independent lawmaker Masaru

"Mr. Wakasa, a former main opposition Democratic Party member Wholesale
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 , Mr. Goshi Hosono and others have been having
various discussions up to now, but we have done a reset, and I will lead the
party myself and be directly involved," Koike was quoted as saying.

Koike said she will simultaneously carry out her duties as both governor and party head and said she wants to be involved in national
politics Wholesale
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 , in part, so she can carry out changes in the

An "all-Japan" approach would be the foundation of the party's ethos, Koike said, with the focus on support for families raising children. She added that
she plans to field candidates nationwide in the expected general election.

Koike made the surprise announcement before Prime Minister Shinzo Abe started his meeting with his party executives earlier Monday and officially announced
his contentious plans to dissolve the lower house of parliament and call a snap

The Tokyo governor's news following Koike's Tomin First no Kai's (Tokyoites First party) sweeping victory in the Tokyo metropolitan assembly race in
July Wholesale
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 , seeing off challenges from rival parties including
the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which Abe is also the president of.

The Tokyo metropolitan assembly race is widely regarded as a barometer for the future direction of national politics and triggered rumors that Koike was
eyeing a return to national politics after her landslide win, as has proved to
be the case, political watchers noted.

The result of the metropolitan assembly race triggered the beginning of an exodus of lawmakers from the opposition Democratic
Party Wholesale
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 , which has been a blow to its new leader Seiji
Maehara, who is fighting to keep the party united and his lawmakers defecting.

But in further blow to Abe on Monday, a senior vice Cabinet Office minister in his government announced he would be leaving the ruling LDP.

Mineyuki Fukuda, 53 Wholesale
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 , a third term lower house lawmaker, told a
press briefing on the matter that he wants to form a new party with independent
lower house member Masaru Wakasa.

"I will make a new political party with House of Representatives lawmaker Masaru Wakasa," Fukuda said, referring to the independent lawmaker who has
joined forces with former Democratic Party members including Goshi Hosono and
other defectors.

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