cial Agricultural Zones (SAZs) next ye

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COLOMBO , Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- The Sri Lankan government is planning to set up the country's
first ever Special Agricultural Zones (SAZs) next year in the post-war eastern
province, it said in a website positing on Tuesday.

The Special Agricultural Zones, covering 3,000 acres nike vapormax flyknit blanche , are to be set up in the three districts of the Eastern Province, the Government Media Unit said.

These special zones will be aimed at propagating integrated development in the agriculture sector.

Under the program, agriculture infrastructure in the province will be further expanded, benefitting the farming community which is 80 percent of the total
population in the East.

With the setting up of SAZs nike vapormax flyknit noir , infrastructure such as rural roads, markets, agro-processing equipment, food processing factories and irrigation schemes nike vapormax flyknit 2 solde , new technology are to be developed, the government said.

Through SAZs are aimed to encourage farm owners to become professionals, to promote safe agriculture, encourage and to introduce new ideas to rural villages
and thereby develop rural economy.

According to the government nike vapormax flyknit homme solde , the SAZ's concept will strive to safeguard the quality environment of agricultural production, bring into play the advantages of local
industry, adjust the structure of production and marketing, and increase the
efficiency and benefits of agricultural businesses.

The SAZs are expected to attract both local and foreign investors nike vapormax flyknit femme solde , thus creating new opportunities for farmers, businesses in addition to employment creation.

Despite a three decade war that ended in 2009, little foreign investment has flowed to agriculture with overall numbers also remaining small.

This year the government hopes to attract 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in foreign investment, largely led by the lucrative tourism industry that has boomed since
the end of the conflict.

Sri Lanka's agriculture has been reducing its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over the last few years but continues to be the highest

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