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Bunkers have always added a little spice to a round of golf. They force a golfer to think a little bit more about the type of shot they
should take. There is no doubt that you d rather avoid hitting the sand as it
can result in some pretty difficult shots. If you ve gone through the nightmare
(and embarrassment) of taking a number of shots to get out of a bunker then you
will be aware of this. However cheap lebron 16 shoes mens , with the right technique the bunker shot should not be as fearsome as you think. Follow these 5 keys and you will instantly see an
improvement in your play.

1) It should go without sayng but you ll need to use your sand wedge for this shot. It is specially designed to be used to cut
through the sand but you will need to open the club face out as much as
possible. This increases the loft of the club face to give you the best chance
of getting the golf ball up and out of the sand trap.

2) Set up with an open stance to the target you want your feet and shoulders aiming to the left of
where you want the golf ball to end up. The ball should be toward the back of
your stance somewhere in line with the inside of your back heel. If you really
need to generate extra height from your shot then the ball needs to be further
forward than this default position. To ensure that you have enough stability
remember, you re standing on sand so you could easily slip a little durng the
swing wriggle your feet right into the sand. The clubface should be aiming
directly toward your target imagine you re hittng to just beyond the flag. You
should do this because in general mis hit bunker shots tend to fall very short
so this is a risk reduction tactic. Consider using a weak grip you should not be
able to see your knuckles on your left hand (right hand if you re left handed).
This helps prevent the hands from rotating round durng your swing you want the
club face to stay open throughout.

3) Use your sholders to rotate into the backswing and hinge your wrists early. This is advisable because releasing
your wrists on the downswng is going to generate most of your clubhead

4) You are tryng to hit down on the ball. However cheap lebron 16 shoes womens , this next point is central to bunker play and will vastly improve your technique. You want to hit the sand 2 inches behnd the ball and try
to get right under it as you hit through. Imagine that you are splashing the
ball out. This will give the golf ball enough height to get out and will stop it
quickly when it lands. You can get less backspin and more roll if you aim to hit
further behind the ball say 3 4 inches. You are not looking to clip the ball off
the sand. This only becomes the case when you are playing out of a fairway
bunker and need to play a long shot with a full swing. Even then you require a
decent lie on the sand.

5) Almost as important as hitting the sand before the ball is that you concentrate on acceleratng your swing right the way
through. Too many amateurs let their swng die as they make contact. This is
usually because the bunker is near the green and the golfer fears that they will
overhit the ball. By hitting the sand behind the ball you are converting the
momentum into height and back spin. You should only fear accelerating through
the ball if you are trying to get a clean contact as this will send it

To better understand these techniques practise in a bunker by placing your ball on a scorecard and trying to get your sand wedge underneath
it. This will encourage the right fundamentals. In no time at all you will wow
your golf buddies with your new found ability in the bunker and easily shave a
few shots off your round. Who knows you may even hole a couple!

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