High strength grinding machines need to be promoted

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The high strength grinding machine as a new type of grinding equipment has been appreciated by users from all fields because of their energy saving feature.In the past, the high strength grinding machines are mainly used in the cement production line while at present they start to march into the metal mine industry. Although some mining companies are using the high strength china grinding mill in the real production, we cant ignore that the promotion speed of the equipment in the metal mine industry is not so high.
Through the investigation and analysis of our experts, we find that the main reason resulting in the slow growth of the high strength grinding machine in the metal mine industry is the short service life of the grinders roller surface.We all know that there are many kinds of metallic ores with strong hardness and corrosive property which make the roller surface easy to be worn. Once the roller surface is worn, its annoying for users to frequently maintain and fix the roller. This case not only decreases the working efficiency but also increases the production cost.
Aiming to solve the above problems, the grinder research and development institute of our company has tried many ways to improve the working life of the grinders roller and to reduce the time of fixing and changing the wear parts.Our experts will speed up the pace of promoting the high strength grinding machines in the metal mine industry and we believe that the innovation will be the best way to change the current situation.
Posted 22 Mar 2019

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