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I need some suggestions/views on this assignment i have of design. Basically this is my 1st assignment of 2nd yr so i want to do my best...hehe. Btw i just got my result 2day and i passed with good numbers so i m really happy...YAY ! Newayz gettin back 2 the assignment...well we have selected a design and now we need 2 do it 30 times with different rendering techniques with the focus on colors and the use of innovative techniques. Hmmmmmmm...i hope u get the idea?

The ideas i have in my mind are;

Poster Colors (Duh!)
Water Colors
Oil Paint
Pencil Colors
Pencil Hatching
Texture: Leaves, etc
Tea Effect
Mosaic (Mirror Pieces)
Lead pieces
Water Colors over Pastels
Paint + Salt {Splash Technique}
Fabric Pieces
Glaze Paper
Gauce Technqiue

We can also use mix media meaning combine 2-3 of the above techniques and get a new effect. But i would like 2 get some ideas from you people too .
Posted 02 Feb 2005

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