How to care for raspberry bushes?

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How to care for raspberry bushes? When will the first harvest grow if I plant raspberries this year? How to water the raspberry correctly?
Posted 08 Apr 2019

DouSun says
In the second year, we already harvested a small crop of raspberries and blueberries; in the third year, the harvest was much larger. My bushes are now 5 years old and with proper care, they bear fruit very well. The bushes need regular watering and every autumn I cut off old branches. Berry bushes aren't very difficult to care for, but in addition to them I have a small vegetable garden and in order to take care of this it was easier, I advise you to buy some garden tools. I don't use automatic watering for the garden, only for lawn, so I water my little garden with a hose. It's very inconvenient when the hose gets tangled, so I use a special hose reel, for example, here you can find an article with reviews of various garden tools, including hose reels. This helps to spend less time and effort on gardening, but doesn't reduce the quality of care for the garden. I wish you good luck with your new bushes!
Posted 08 Apr 2019

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