The benefits of red caviar for our health

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Good day to all! It is interesting that under the general term "red caviar" caviar hides several species of salmon fish. In the shops we can find caviar of trout chum salmon and red salmon and chinook salmon. In terms of beneficial properties and internal composition, all these eggs are almost identical, but differ in both size and appearance and taste. Red caviar is a very unique product in its beneficial properties and chemical composition. About 32% of the composition of caviar is easily digestible proteins and it also contains very important fatty acids for the human body. Also improves brain function and vision, due to the high calcium content strengthens the bone system.But you will not find harmful carbohydrates and fats in red caviar. The recommendation of doctors for a safe dose of caviar intake at a time of a maximum of five teaspoons. I would agree on one spoon per day. A very important point red caviar should be of excellent quality. Then she will not harm the body. Caviar cooked at special enterprises retains its beneficial properties. You can not say about the underground products - poachers can handle eggs without complying with sanitary rules and recipes. Because it is important to choose and buy only a proven product so as not to face a dangerous fake. Where do you buy this priceless product? Do you make sandwiches or eat with a spoon?
Posted 22 Apr 2019

Dzonn says
Thank you for the topic! I enjoyed reading and tomorrow I will go buy a jar of red caviar and eat a couple of sandwiches. After all, to get the benefits of red caviar does not necessarily overeat. It is enough to periodically eat this unique product. In the case of overeating, caviar can harm the body. The optimal amount - 2 sandwiches at one time because the caviar contains a large amount of salt, which retains water and can disturb the metabolism
Posted 24 Apr 2019

mikinik says
Well, yes, red caviar is harvested from fish of the salmon family, and black from sturgeon. The color and taste of the eggs and the size of the eggs depend on the fish that the caviar belongs to. The main thing that you would buy high-quality caviar, and not a can of caviar in which there is a lot of liquid inside and caviar more like porridge
Posted 24 Apr 2019

reekin says
caviar is an expensive and delicious product. As everything rare and expensive on caviar many want to earn. As you correctly noticed, caviar is mined from fish. Not all fishing is legal. Poachers enough. The conditions in which they cut fish and harves caviar are far from sterile.therefore, it is better to buy caviar from official vendors or official fishing companies. Caviar of fish that is caught in natural conditions is tastier than from the fish that grew in aquariums.
I can recommend you the products of the company globalseafoods The company in the market for the sale of caviar and fish has been working for many years and has earned a certain reputation among its customers. I buy both caviar and wild salmon. It is very tasty and high quality.
Posted 24 Apr 2019

sas13 says
Hello. Caviar is quite a useful product. It has a lot of nutrients and trace elements. Now it is sold almost everywhere. At this time, the opportunity to buy it in the online store. Here prices pleasantly surprise with their relatively low price.
Posted 24 Apr 2019

reekin says

Red caviar of high quality should be whole, without bloom and films. It should not have liquid between the eggs, but should not be very dry. To make sure that the caviar is real, you can throw a couple of eggs in warm water. A fake in such water will dissolve.

Posted 08 May 2019

sas13 says
Greetings, reekin. You are sufficiently informed about the method of determining red caviar. But still you need to find a good store or online store. There are decent shops. They care about their reputation. Then you can safely buy red caviar. One of their main problems.
Posted 17 May 2019

Red caviar as black caviar is very much in demand now. My wife and I constantly order this mixture on the Internet. We used to buy in the store, but there it is very expensive. The quality of caviar is the most important. Her taste is simply divine.
Posted 22 May 2019

sas13 says
Krevamakeev. Black caviar is now much more expensive. A number of countries have banned sturgeon fishing. But red caviar is available to many. The difference is only in the possibilities of the amount of purchase. Also a great product. No doubt about it.
Posted 22 May 2019

olgakross says
I like caviar. The most favorite caviar is sturgeon. I buy it here It is a reliable supplier proven over the years. Fast delivery and good cost. I'm glad we're discussing this, because caviar has a lot of protein and omega three. I look after my diet and health. I try to eat healthy foods.
Posted 05 Jun 2019

annajohnsn says
Eating caviar can have numerous benefits to your health. It prevents heart diseases, depression, and bipolar disorder. This cheap real diamond rings article on its benefits is really informative. Articles like this can help people to learn about healthy foods. Great work. Keep doing it.
Posted 24 Jun 2019

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Caviar is an excellent source of B12. Caviar is also high in protein and low in both trans-fats and carbohydrates, making it an appealing part of anyone’s healthy diet. Employee Disciplinary Policy thanks for sharing these benefits. 
Posted 02 Aug 2019

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Posted 13 Aug 2019

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Posted 07 Feb 2020

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