Mobile crusher has realized the reuse of construction waste

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Mobile crusher is a set of crushing and screening equipment used for the recycling of building garbage, which can undertake the pre screening of the construction waste, iron removing, crushing and sieving operations. The SBM mobile crusher adopts the integrated design. The two axes or three axis frames will play as the base, which has strong mobility. With this kind of advantage, it can change the job location with the need of large scale demolition site and the project site at any time. The transportation cost of construction waste can be saved. At the same time, it also has good solutions for the removal of metal materials in the construction garbage to realize the collection of metal, so as to obtain greater benefits.
The implementation process of construction waste is placed in the equipment hopper, among which the vibrating feeder comprises a pre screening, which can be evenly into the construction waste crushing equipment. At the same time, the fine aggregate collection after receiving the construction waste pulverizer for pulverizing and iron removal, and the metal material of building garbage will be separated and discharged together with the discharge opening, the conveyor belt to the screening equipment, in the transportation process, in addition to iron equipment collection after the separation of the metal; sieving equipment to achieve different collection construction waste size. Through the vibration and multi-layer screening itself, the materials will be discharged from the different outlets by conveyor belt to different material piles, which realize the construction garbage from the garbage into the process of recycled aggregate. Different aggregate by different devices can be made into all kinds of construction waste recycled products.
Our mobile crusher provides the configuration of simple unit and low cost. According to the coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening system, it can realize the single group work or process independently, or it can also form the flexible system configuration unit. The hopper side offers a diverse configuration and flexibility for the screening of material. In addition to the integration in the configuration of the unit power supply, the diesel generator unit also can be targeted to the configuration of unit process system for combined power supply. With the structural design, light weight, reasonable structure, excellent performance, reliable quality assurance and the maximum range of coarse and fine materials, it can meet the crushing and screening requirements. The equipment is often used at an angle of 20 degrees, so the screening operation is efficient and reliable.
Posted 06 May 2019

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