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jhon peter
Submitted 2019-01-07 07:08:12 No Change SG Cowan will still bring in top talent of MBA candidates that have the "culture
fit" the firm is looking for. Candidates who want to join SG Cowen's class of
associates will still do what is asked of them and that it is difficult for a
reason. Making any of the processes easier will only make it less stressful on
the candidates http://www.cheapnmdshoesoutlet.com/ , something that is not SG Cowen's main concern. 2)Case AnalysisPresentation ?
This job is considered very selective by SG Cowen and it's important that all
candidates are measured using the same guidelines. Assigning a business case to
the candidates. This will allow them to promote their problem solving,
creativity, fast thinking, and presentation skills to the interviewers to
collectively see if the candidate is the right person for the job. 3)More HR
involvement in process ? Let the recruiters out of human resources determine the
candidates. These personal are trained to be objective in each of the
candidates. Recruiters know what SG Cowen is looking for and will search for
those people without prejudice. Since there are no compensation rewards for
recommending successful candidates Cheap Adidas NMD R2 , there is no motivation for the interviewer to put any real effort into this
task. This would also allow the bank professionals the day off from Super
Saturday and let HR do their job.
Of the three alternatives, the most effective on is the case analysis presentation at Super
Saturday. If SG Cowen is very selective in their candidates, they might as well
make the candidates earn it with a common case analysis presented by all
candidates to all the interviewers. Those who present themselves well in the
spirit of the SG Cowen culture will get offers. Interviewers will all get to see
at the same time a candidates strengths and weaknesses in action. Interviews
would be a formality and the case presentation technique will be the standard.
The only drawback would be the topic, so careful consideration on the topic must
be given to make sure it is fair to all candidates. In regards to the other
options Cheap Adidas NMD R1 , it is obvious that change needs to take place in the process which would eliminate
alternative #1 as the best option. In regards to using recruiters, it would be
the second best alternative. However, since the potential candidates will be
working with bank professionals, who directly deal in the day to day
operations Cheap Adidas NMD White , they must have their input in the matter.
Plan of action
Candidates invited to Super Saturday will be given the case study to prepare to present
prior to the event. They would have a couple days to prepare for the
presentation. The topic will be a fictional case that could mask a potential SG
Cowen business problem. Candidates will be asked to use their creativity to
analyze the case, recommend a solution and how to implement it in a 5 minute
presentation. Interviewers will key on communication, problem solving skills,
presentation appearance Cheap Adidas NMD Black , creativity, but most importantly structure. How well does the candidate get
their point across. This follows the McKinsey and Co. belief "structure is less
a toll and more a way of life"4. The question the interviews need to ask
themselves when viewing a candidate is "Would you want them in the board room
presenting for you to leadership?." If the answer is no, then they are not the
caliber that SG Cowen is looking to obtain.
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Posted 13 May 2019

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