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1. Distinguish between vulnerability Cheap College Baseball Jerseys , threat, and control
The vulnerability is a weakness in a computer system; a threat is a possible danger, while control is a
countermeasure that eliminates or reduces the danger of a threat or
2. List three types of harm a company might experience from theft of computer equipment
A company can lose sensitive data (that can be loss of huge funds)
A legal action can be taken against the company. That can come especially from the people who have been impacted by the loss of sensitive
A company can lose its reputation due to the compromise of their security that makes the public lose trust in it.
3. List at least three sorts of harm a corporation could experience from electronic espionage or unauthorized
viewing of confidential company materials
??The loss of competitive advantage
??The loss of trade secrets
??The loss of reputation
4. List at least three sorts of damage a company could undergo when the integrity of a
program or company data is compromised
??There can be security programs because the compromise can open a loophole that can be used by intruders of
virus to harm the other systems
??The compromise of the program and data integrity can have a negative impact on the productivity of a company when it
relies on that program or data to run the business
??A company can lose the market values as a result of the compromise of data or program integrity
5. List at least three varieties of harm a company could encounter from loss of
service Cheap College Basketball Jerseys , that is, failure of availability. List the product or capability to which access is lost, and explain how this loss hurts the
??There can be a harm of the replay messages that are brought about by the hacker whereby the same information is being received every time
??The loss of availability can result in the modification of the data in the file
system Cheap College Jerseys China , and this affects the productivity because the required data is not available for use in carrying out the operations.
??The loss of availability can also lead to deadlocks because concurrency is poorly managed.

There are capabilities and products to which accessibility is lost, and this results in, for instance Cheap College Jerseys , the loss of data, software, and hardware. That interrupts the performance because the cessation is not done gracefully so as to allow the
user to shift to another system to continue the work. The lack of access to a
given system or service can also delay some tasks and activities Cheap Jerseys Shop , thereby leading to the loss of revenue in overall.
6. Describe a circumstance in which you have experienced harm as a consequence of a
failure of computer security. Was the failure malicious or not? Did the attack
target you specifically or was it general and you were the unfortunate
Recently I was a victim of some virus that made caused all my files to be unreadable because I had inserted an infected flash disk into the laptop
and this is what resulted in the compromise of my security. The harm was
accelerated by an outdated antivirus that I used. The failure was malicious
because the files would not be repaired at all. Also, the attack was not
targeted since it was as a result of negligence to avoid updating the antivirus
and inserting the infected flash disk into the laptop minus scanning it.
7. Describe two instances of vulnerabilities in automobiles for which auto
manufacturers have instituted controls. Tell why you think these controls are
effective, somewhat effective Cheap Jerseys From China , or ineffective
One of the examples of the vulnerabilities in automobiles is the amount of software that is leveraged in
the automobile and incorporates expensive parts. The other example of the
hardware parts that are more expensive when used in the automobiles, if they are
lost, then we can incur a great loss. Also Cheap Jerseys China , if these parts are damaged, it can result in a great negative impact not only on the performance but also to the organizational
revenue due to the unavailability of the hardware resources.
8. One control against incidental software deletion is to preserve all old versions of a
program. Of course, this administration is prohibitively expensive in light of
the cost of storage. Suggest a less costly control against unintended software
deletion. Is your control effective against all possible reasons of software
deletion? If not Cheap Jerseys , what threats does it not cover?
??br > References
Pfleeger, C. P., & Pfleeger Cheap College Soccer Jerseys , S. L. (2002). Security in computing. Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference.

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