Alibaug is a small coastal town located

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 e in Mumbai (Bombay) or
Pune who want to get away from their cities on a 23 days holiday trip without
spending too much or going a long way.

Alibaug is a small coastal town located at a 110 km drive from Mumbai. You can reach it easily by road. Or
another exciting option would be to go via a ferrycatamaran from the Gateway of
India to Mandwa jetty (it s 20 kms from Alibaug). There s not too much to do in
Alibaug except relax and roam on the different beaches, so two days there would
be enough. Visit the Kolaba fort which is situated in the sea at a distance of 1
2 kilometers. You can walk to the fort during the low tide. During high
tide Bengals Paul Dawson Jersey , you can cross the distance via boats. It s a nice place to visit if you have 2 3 hours to while away time and just have some
fun. The main Alibaug beach is rocky and not advisable to venture in the sea for
bathswim here. If you are looking for some beach fun, make sure that you visit
Kashid beach ? it is 20 kms away from Alibaug. But it s an awesome beach, very
clean with white sand. An ideal place to read a book lying in a hammock. Or laze
around in the clean sea water here. It s the best beach between the long stretch
from Mumbai to Murud in the Konkan region.

Another famous beach of Alibaug is Kihim beach. Here Bengals Tyler Kroft Jersey , you can try para sailing behind a four wheeler. Kihim beach is famous for its dense cover of Coconut trees. Many rich
and famous people own farmhouses in Kihim. You can also visit the Kanakeshwar
temple which is half an hour away from Alibaug. All in all, it will be a fun two
day weekend and relieve all the stress you hold.

We give you ideas about 2 3 day weekend vacations from Mumbai. If you go further south from Alibaug, you
reach Murud. The drive from Alibaug to Murud is extremely beautiful. You have to
drive along the coast encountering small beaches on the way. The sea water
touches the edge of the road at many places and it s an awesome scene. Make sure
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