Sweet Goodbye - But HELLO new Mr!!!

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I really couldn't decide where to put this message, I thought about FoS but then again this is a relationship issue...

My fiancé and me decided to break our engagement today. It was a decision we’ve both been thinking about for the past three and a half months, and well, today we made our choice. After a year together as an engaged couple, we both realised we weren’t right for each other. I think we were both looking for the right excuse to take the step, and today when he cancelled our date, I took that step.

I won’t lie and say it didn’t hurt when I took the ring off to return to him, but I rather he admit now that he doesn’t love me instead of years later in a divorce court. We haven’t broken the news to our friends and family yet, but I know it’s something they were expecting sooner or later. Our families are friends but both agreed that this rishta was a bad match.

Personally I don’t want to listen to the “we told you so” right now, I’m not up for it. Besides sometimes it’s easier to tell these things to a computer screen and know people who don’t know me personally will be the ones reading.

It was a sweet goodbye, we hugged, kissed and smiled, all very mature and friendly, but I felt almost sad knowing that after this I won’t have the right to touch him anymore. Me and Kazmi have the same social circles and classes so I will be seeing him almost every day, but I have to be strong about it, it is after all for the best. I know we will always be friends and that sounds corny but it’s true, we still like each other a lot, but as husband and wife, it won’t work.

Maybe if we had just dated as boyfriend/girlfriend longer, we would have figured this out, but on my last – last birthday he was feeling too romantic and proposed.

*sighs* it feels good to let that all off my chest, I'm not expecting any replies or anything, I just needed a place to free my mind of all these mixed emotions.
Posted 27 Feb 2005

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