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Hello its time for a movie review thats the latest venture with our kudi Veena. This is a Indo-Pak film our 2nd one now with mommar doing the first round in bolly.

Well first of all the title of the movie doesnt suit the film as it has notihing to do with pind di kudi which is Veena malik. Well theres a small town where the poor people live and they have a hard life. There are two families Veena maliks and the main man call laali (wat a stupid name for the actor!). They live togther and their fathers get money by doing street plays whatever u call them. The both families get on with each other and the fathers decide to get veena malik and the son to get married when they grow up so they have a celebration both its stupid how the hell they know they are small children they dont know if they are going to get married to each other. Laali's father doesnt want his son to be the same like him with no job. So they somehow get their son to a big school and lie to the taecher that they are from a big name and all that lot.
They all grow up . Laali whilst in his school falls in love with a rich gal (indian punjabi actress sheeba). While on the other hand Veena waits for her beloevd to come home so they can get married. Laali is scared that sheeba might find out that he is from a poor back ground and he cant tell her about it because she thinks hes from a rich family. So laali goes to c family but he doesnt fancy veena and the fathers are very upset and everyone crying because they palnned their marriage when they were small. It becomes hard for laali to keep his secret and all comes out. Veena malik dies as she drinks poisen but I think this film is so crap or what. The ending is very rubbish too. The songs are very excellent but they have been wasted in the movie bcoz the dances are very bad the back ground dancers worse than lolly dancers! The songs are too near each other and very poorly directed looks like a 2 minute job! Veena malik dances very good shes the only thing that stands out from the movie. this indian punjabi movie is even worse than a pakistani punjabi movie. Lolly knows how to make the punjabi movies. I only watched this movie coz it had veena so if you lot have seen it wat u lot think?   i SAY 4 OUT OF 10
Posted 02 Mar 2005

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