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 , May 17 (Xinhua) -- A new study shows that a
U.S. federal program that subsidizes farmers to plant year-round grasses and
native shrubs instead of crops is helping the survival of sage grouse, an
exceptionally showy bird and an icon of the American West.
While sage grouse's sagebrush habitat is disappearing in an increasingly developed landscape, the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) established in 1985
is probably the reason that sage grouse still live in portions of Washington
state's Columbia Basin, according to researchers with University of Washington
(UW) and their colleagues at state and federal agencies.
The CRP is a voluntary federal program that pays farmers to plant agricultural land with environmentally beneficial vegetation for 10- to 15-year
contracts. Of the roughly 24 million
acres Mathew
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 , or 97,000 square kilometers, planted through the
program in the United States, about 1.4 million
acres Josh Bailey
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 , or 5,670 square kilometers, are in Eastern Washington.
The fields are planted with native shrubs and perennial grasses that provide
cover for sage grouse and other animals.
"Without these lands, our models predict that we would lose about two thirds of the species'
habitat Nick Leddy
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 , and that the sage grouse would go extinct in two of
three subpopulations," said Andrew Shirk, a research scientist with the UW's
Climate Impacts Group and the first author of a paper published in the Journal
of Wildlife Management.
In Eastern Washington, the sage grouse population has declined by 77 percent since
1960 Authentic
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 , and only about 8 percent of the birds' historic
habitat remains. The population stabilized at about 1,000 birds in the early
1990s, about when the fields planted as initial part of the CRP program first
reached maturity.
Previously, studies suggested Eastern Washington agricultural areas would not be hospitable for the birds.
Sage grouse in other Western U.S. states are threatened mostly by oil and gas exploration and other types of development.
The new study indicates that if Washington's CRP lands were reallocated to be near existing sage grouse
populations Authentic
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 , to maximize benefit to the birds, their habitat
could be increased by as much as 63 percent.
"As the climate changes, species need to be able to move across the landscape to track their habitat," Shirk was quoted as saying in a news release. "Sage
grouse habitat is likely to shift under climate
change Authentic
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 , and yet barriers like major roads and power lines may
limit the ability of this species to migrate accordingly.
If there was a strategic vision for how CRP land was allocated, some of it could be used to facilitate the movement of sage grouse and other species over
time to track their climate niche."
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The smell of fresh brewed coffee in the early morning is one thing that practically everybody can concur on is one particular of the finest things in
the world. Specially if you’re not a early morning particular person. But
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A new study shows that the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), a U.S. federal program that pays farmers to plant agricultural land with environmentally beneficial vegetation for 10- to 15-year contracts, is helping to preserve the habitat of the sage grouse. The CRP program has contributed to maintaining portions of Washington state's Columbia Basin where the sage grouse still live. The fields planted under the CRP program provide cover for the sage grouse and other animals, and without these lands, the sage grouse would have lost about two-thirds of their habitat, leading to their possible extinction in two of three subpopulations. The sage grouse population in Eastern Washington has declined by 77% since 1960, and only about 8% of the birds' historic habitat remains. The study suggests that if Washington's CRP lands were reallocated to be near existing sage grouse populations, their habitat could be increased by as much as 63%. The CRP program is seen as a way to facilitate the movement of the sage grouse and other species over time to track their climate niche as climate change progresses. cash for house Cincinnati 
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