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In 2016, Breitling--breitling transocean -- launched Exospace B55, a versatile pilot chronograph that communicates with the wearer's smartphone via a bluetooth connection. Now, the Swiss watchmaker has launched a new internet-connected watch designed for yachting professionals and discerning regatta competitors who appreciate high-performance, multifunctional instruments.

The Exospace B55 watch has a number of features that help any pilot in the cockpit, including an electronic tachometer, a device to record flight times (while remembering departure and arrival times), and countless other features. Soon after, Breitling released a version of Exospace, perfect for racers and other racing enthusiasts. Now, in 2018, Breitling will introduce the Exospace B55 yacht timepiece, which consists of a sturdy, lightweight titanium case connected to a sports rubber strap. The Exospace B55, which has a breitlin caliber, has been reimagined as a yacht professional and regatta competitor. Thermal compensation quartz electronic sports power timing with analog as well as 12h and 24h digital displays, all clearly visible sapphire crystals with reflective processing on both sides.

The timer has an ingenious countdown system with audio, visual, replica watch sale vibration alarms and indications. If the referee stops the countdown, when the watch starts again, it is easy to synchronize the watch with the new countdown. The time is segmented and can be read instantly on the watch's digital screen, or on the phone's display when the Exospace synced with the smartphone. The notched bi-directional rotating bezel can be adjusted to make it easier to perform key calculations about wind direction, sailing Angle and optimal position on the starting line of the regatta.

The Exospace B55 yacht can be paired with a smartphone that USES bluetooth low-power technology. A dedicated application supports data transfer and allows remote configuration Settings. This two-way communication makes the device and the clock a perfectly complementary pair, each of which is used to do what it does best. Since the main functions of smartphones are screens and ergonomic interfaces, wearers of the Exospace B55 yacht can use their phones to make a range of adjustments, including time Settings, time zones, alerts, display preferences and operating parameters. The result has been considerable improvements in comfort and efficiency. Instead, users can upload various measurements from the meter to their smartphones, making it easier to read, store or forward. The Exospace B55 yacht also receives notifications from smartphones, including incoming emails, messages, phone calls and reminders of upcoming appointments.

Caliber B55, a Breitling :replica breitling watches manufacturer powered by a rechargeable battery system, is an ultra-quartz ™ movement with 10 times the precision of standard quartz and, like all Breitling watches, is a cosc certified chronometer.

With all watches in the Exospace B55 family, the yacht model offers a wide range of features. One of the most striking is a chronograph that can accurately calculate 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds to 10 milliseconds. It can also be used to track circles and split times. This makes the regatta timer not only ideal for countdown, but also for recording, replay, deletion, and recovery of all time-related information collected at the regatta.

Caliber :Breitling manufacturing caliber B55
Diameter :33 mm
Depth :9 mm
Ultra quartz ™, thermal compensation quartz electronics, analog and 12 - and 24 - hour liquid crystal displays, backlight (white light) battery charging status indicators
Battery life :10 years
Timing: accurate to 10 milliseconds, Max 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, flyback function, electronic tachometer, lap timing, regatta accounting with independent alarm
Other features: countdown, 7 daily alarms, UTC, smartphone pairing (bluetooth low power) with dedicated applications, allowing data transfer and remote configuration
Connectivity: bluetooth low power consumption
Display: best site for replica watches digital, permanent, weekly display

Posted 14 Jun 2019

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Posted 20 Jul 2019

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