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Augmented reality? allows you to display interactive objects in real physical space. When home improvement, this technology can help users make a purchasing decision without leaving home (either at work or in transport on the way to work, etc.). If you already have or want to create a mobile application that sells goods to B2C or B2B consumers, and these goods should fit well into their physical environment, such a function would be useful. You can save time and instead of scheduling meetings in the office or having long telephone conversations, convincing customers that your goods will suit them, invite them to try it yourself.
Posted 14 Jun 2019

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Artificial Intelligence Revolution
Germany, one of the world’s economic powerhouses and a noteworthy tech hub, is laser-focused on AI investments. According to the paper "AI Made in Germany" issued by the government of the Federation, 3 billion euro total will be invested to implement an expansion strategy into the field of artificial intelligence.
Posted 01 Jul 2019

If you already have or want to create a mobile application that sells goods to B2C or B2B consumers, and these goods should fit well into  their physical environment, such a function would be useful. HP5-C07D exam dumps.
Posted 25 Jul 2019

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While VR redefines the world, AR is the icing on the cake. Over the most recent few years, we saw positive gaming trends, for example, Pokemon Go, Incell, Dino Trek, and many more.
As indicated by Digi-Capital, the AR and VR industry will create $150 billion in revenue by 2020. The report speaks to a potential market for mobile app developers and enterprises to investigate further, where the AR mobile app development will hold $120B, and VR will have $30B share.
Amazon Go is as of now utilizing the trending technology to disturb the retail area. To make the most out of this breathtaking chance, both Apple and Google used AR platforms for including the AR capacities in their separate apps.
There are numerous applications like “Ikea” that are now utilizing the technology for elevating the user experience. Various such apps are en route to be a piece of this progressive change. In 2020, AR combination will be a fundamental advance for the mobile app development industry.
The forthcoming AR/VR mobile app industry patterns can be: 
  • Mobile AR disruption
  • [/*]
  • AR in marketing & advertising
  • [/*]
  • AR in healthcare
  • [/*]
  • AR in manufacturing
  • [/*]
Posted 30 Jan 2020

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Posted 30 Jan 2020

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Augmented reality is a new way of seeing the world, as you know, these days, with the invention of smartphones and other apps, the Augmented Product is getting famous among brands and people.
Posted 05 Feb 2020

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Posted 25 Feb 2020

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Posted 04 Oct 2021

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