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Take off your pants and jacket it’s snot time."It’s embarrassing. I’m a grown man J.J. Watt Jersey , with a job, house, wife, and kids. Yet, for whatever reason, my mood depends so much on the weather. I’m furious and dying. It’s May
and it’s gray and raining and everything is soaked. My skin is wrinkled and my
heart wails in my soggy chest, writhing in my sunken flesh DeAndre Hopkins Jersey , gasping, decaying in some bog. I can’t take it. I want those big bright sunny days. I want to swim and run and walk and melt.
Baste me in bronze. Dye my hair blonde. Instead I’m a malodorous ghoul. I can’t
take it. My head hurts. I’ve been drinking too much caffeine. What’s the point
of eating well and exercising? What’s the point of falling in love? What’s the
point of anything?Maybe it will change some tomorrow. Maybe the sun pokes it’s
big stupid head out, says lol, and runs back behind the clouds like someone
walked in on it in the shower. Hopefully I can stamp around in the mud and
listen to the water and read modernist literature. Because when Monday comes,
it’s more of the same dull drab gray. Anyways, here’s your SNOT for the night to
discuss whatever: the Rockets folding like a two ton couch, tomorrow’s game
sevens Lamar Miller Jersey , Diablo 2 character builds, just how much you love your mother, globalism, and whatever the hell else. Just remember the standard
commenting rules apply.Deshaun Watson Named To ESPN’s “Under 25 All-Star Team”
Last season Deshaun Watson destroyed, dismantled, devoured, scrambled Arian Foster Jersey , exorcised, presided over, vanquished, vaporized, and obliterated his opponents over the course of six games. He was magical in a
brand new offense, one that utilized play-fakes, took advantage of the threat of
his feet Andre Johnson Jersey , opened up downfield throws, and thrived despite the presence of a horrendous offensive line. That was last year. Entering the 2018
season, ESPN polled its insiders and asked them to come up with a starting
lineup of all-star NFL players under the age 25. Here’s the preface for the
Under-25 all-stars:Watson was the only player from the Texans named to the team.
He received 28, or 63.1%, of the votes to be the team’s starting quarterback,
beating out Jared Goff, Marcus Mariota Jose Altuve Jersey , Patrick Mahomes, and Baker Mayfield. Here’s the write-up on Watson’s selection:You can read the rest of the article here, come up with an
under-25 team yourself, and see if there are any other Texans you believe should
be on the list.
Posted 17 Jun 2019

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