Can we dry-clean clothes with a steam iron?

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Can we dry-clean clothes with a steam iron?
Posted 18 Jun 2019

HihJY says
No you cannot dry clean clothing with a steam iron. It will only lock in any stains and will not kill bacteria nor wash out dirt and grime. If you have some clothing that sugggest dry cleaning you may be able to hand wash them or even wash in the washing machine . Certainly you need to dry clean suits as the fabric lining and shaping inside is not meant to be washed in water and keep its shape nor size. Many articles of clothing can be washed and a dry cleaning label is only a suggestion for articles of clothing. More information on the use of steam iron can be found on this site There are also many reviews on different models of irons.
Posted 18 Jun 2019

jaded says
It depends on the clothes. I like the clothes from a lot, and I have to say that they are really good and made of great materials. I think they are good for it
Posted 23 Jun 2019

No. It's not possible. Steam ironing will not remove dirt from the clothes. It will make dirt more tough to clean. fix printer driver unavailable  Hand washing is the better way to clean dry-cleanable clothes if you are not able to give it for dry clean.
Posted 09 Oct 2019

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