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Is it possible in forex trading? Has anyone earned money in this way?
Posted 22 Jun 2019

Juvanta says
I don't have much idea about Affiliate Marketing best site to buy diamonds online. I have that it is a kind of performance-based marketing in which a business pays one or more affiliates for each customer brought by the corresponding affiliate. Thanks for sharing this information.
Posted 26 Jun 2019

Morita says
Of course yes! Affiliate marketing is a very popular thing among many Forex brokers and it has many pros. Main ones among them are ability to create your own work schedule (and deciding how many hours to work with this every day), really high profit (and it can be endless, especially if you market lucrative FX brokers) and no need to deal constantly with your boss. For example, AvaTrade partnership programs provide all there things, also their affiliate program include providing different comission plans and all necessary marketing tools for your work.
Posted 26 Jun 2019

Ammonite says
Thanks for your replies guys, that was really helpful!
Posted 26 Jun 2019

Yes.. Forex Market nowadays is booming... You can check it and sesarch for it!
Posted 27 Jun 2019

Leo1221 says
What you would have to do is find someone selling a forex course or something like that and then you could earn affiliate income selling the forex course. I mostly sell leads to lead generation companies, so don't know 100% about affiliate marketing. I help some excavation contractors spokane waconcrete cutting companies, and a few others get leads like: fencing companies shreveportfencing santa fefence companies rochester ny, & fence contractors sacramento. But I doubt that you would be able to get affiliate income from forex directly. 

Posted 29 Oct 2019

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Posted 08 Nov 2020

I agree. Forex trading today is profitable and more people are getting into trading. I noticed that when my friends started to learn trading now when they were not interested in it 7 years ago lol. 
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Posted 23 Nov 2020

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