NADCA - Die Casting Operator Training Webinar Series

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NADCA - Die Casting Operator Training Webinar Series
The effective machine operator understands the basic function of the process, the proper care of the die casting machine, die setup, recognition and control of basic casting defects, and the procedures that ensure his/her personal safety.aluminum die casting
The North American Die Casting Association has created an eleven part webinar series geared towards educating operators on the do's and don'ts of running a die casting machine. Signing up for all eleven parts of this series will also grant you access to these courses through the NADCA Online Education System, which allows you to view the recordings, pdf's and support material for a full year.
Gas porosity is the biggest single problem in die casting. High gas content prevents heat treating or welding and makes strength unpredictable.
There are three major sources of gas porosity for die castings: Trapped air, Steam, Gas from lubricant
Gas porosity is round and generally smooth, although it can be flattened to some extent by pressure
The actions to reduce gas porosity, in general, are not the same as the actions for reducing shrink porosity
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