How Much Does a Car Battery Charger Cost?

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How Much Does a Car Battery Charger Cost?
An automotive battery charger provides a safe supply of electricity to rebuild the amount of energy stored in a car battery; the more time taken to recharge a battery, the better it is for the battery. Recharging can be done slowly with a trickle charger, to maintain maximum energy levels in an unused battery, or more rapidly, using a standard or jump-start charger on a battery that has lost most or all of its charge (most standard or jump-start chargers also have a trickle mode).Car Battery Charger supercheap
Typical costs:
Expect to pay $20-$60 for a shelf-model trickle charger (also called a car battery maintainer) to keep a 12V car battery from being depleted by non-use or for charging a small battery on a motorcycle, ATV or golf cart. Less expensive trickle chargers may need to be manually disconnected as soon as the battery is recharged, while "smart" models are designed to be left running without damage to the battery.
For example, the Schumacher Automotive SpeedCharge SEM-1562A 1.5-Amp Battery Maintainer and Charger[1] typically costs $20-$33; it has three status lights (charging, charged and trouble) and automatically determines whether the battery hooked to it is 6V or 12V.
It typically costs $30-$100 for a shelf-model standard charger designed to charge a 12V car battery, with prices depending on: charger weight and size; the number and output of charging modes (generally with a rapid charge varying from 25 to 500 amps, a fast charge of 10-25 amps and a trickle/maintenance-charge setting of 1-2 amps); warranty length (90 days to five years); and features like a built-in battery tester, a jump start option or whether it uses a timer or a microprocessor to determine when to turn off the charger.
For example, the DieHard Microprocessor-Controlled Battery Charger and Tester[2] weighs 12.5 pounds; has charging modes of 30-amp rapid, 12-amp fast and 2-amp maintenance; the ability to jump-start 6V and 12V batteries; a three-year replacement warranty; and costs $60-$70.
Also called a battery booster or a jump start box, a wheeled battery charger similar to those used in auto repair shops typically costs $80-$350 or more, depending on whether it is corded or cordless; typical features include multiple charging modes and protection against reverse charging, short circuits or overheating, plus the ability to jump start a car, inflate tires or power electronic accessories.
For example, the Schumacher SE-4020 2/10/40/20A 6/12V Manual Wheeled Charger[3] costs $120-$200, has a time switch and offers settings of 2-amp trickle, 10-amp medium charge, 40-amp fast charge and 200-amp emergency jump starting.
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