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This film features Shaan in the title role and for half the movie we watch him in subdued mode as the mild mannered innocent blue eyed boy who lives only for the joys of saying his prayers and serving his goody-two-shoes parents. Asoo has a mate Ghiasia who has just been released from jail where he did time for murdering the men who looked at his sister with a “dirty eye”. Now Ghiasia (Baber Ali resembling Pran in Don with his brown curly wig) is back in the pind and life is blissful until one fateful day everything goes horribly wrong. Asoo’s father who works in a local godown finds that “poe-durr” (heroin) is being smuggled from the godown and he being the upright, virtuous (idiotic) type decides that he absolutely must blow his own trumpet and go to the police to blow the whistle on the nefarious drug smuggling operation going on under his own very nose at the behest of his own employers.

Asoo’s dad however meets a terrible fate as the head of police turns out to be a party to the drug smuggling ring and instead of rewarding the poor man for his civic sense and courage, thrashes him to a pulp. Then the old man is fraudulently charged with the theft of Rs. 2 lac, publicly humiliated and disgraced and thrown into a prison cell. Meanwhile a shell shocked Asoo arrives at the police station where he is told that unless he manages to get hold of the money that his father has been accused of stealing…matters would get out of hand. When poor Asoo fails to turn up with the money on time the corrupt officer turns up at his home and humiliates Asoo’s mother and hits her and worse causes the dupatta to fall of her head. This indignity for Asoo is the last straw and as he arrives at the Police station in a fury it is only to find his dad being pummeled into a meatball. This for young Asoo is too much to take and all of a sudden the mild mannered Asoo is transformed into a drooling, axe-wielding maniac who proceeds to bludgeon to death what seems like the entire local police force.

Posted 15 Mar 2005

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