Always was will be that is what made classic WoW Classic at mmogo

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Infact take a look at the comment literally two opinions below this one. Im not the only person who believes leveling is the very best part of classic WoW Classic. Nor am I the only one who believes the exact little bit of raid content and pvp is not something you want to tryhard grind unless you locate those fun which is fine as everyone can find anything fun.

The first game was to push against a hoop. Fun is subjective partner and however much you try to say"this is inherently unfun" you're wrong because aside from the sport being deleted and having to re install it nothing regarding a match is inherently unfun.

The fact that the called a GAME says that because of itself. At this point with what you keep telling me I don't feel like you played classic back in the day. You are just regurgitating all the negatives he put in the movie to me which aren't even what classic was about. Tips out is playing on personal servers BTW and the majority are wrong. Have a look down the remarks bro more individuals agree that classic is about the casuals then the hardcore folks.

Always was will be that is what made classic WoW Classic the king. Not the the less than 1% that obtained into naxxramas not the 5 percent which beat BWL in time. WoW Classic was created for the other 94 percent of the player base who HAD FUN playing WoW Classic for exactly what it was.

Posted 14 Jul 2019

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