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If you are a new entrepreneur then setting up your office in the Silicon Valley of India ought to be your dream. But Bangalore happens to be
one of the most expensive destinations in India to establish an office.
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finding the right office space in the city.

It’s mainly because of two major reasons as given below:

• Office spaces in Bangalore are scarce.
• The rent for available spaces is skyrocketing.

Given below are some tips to find Bangalore office space for rent.

Yellow pages: Yellow pages list available office spaces in and around the city. You can begin your
search for right office accommodation from the local yellow pages.

Newspaper advertisements: Regularly both property owners and tenants advertise their requirements on newspapers and hence, the local newspaper is
always a great source to find vacant office spaces in Bangalore. You can
directly negotiate your requirements with the advertiser and avoid

Brokers: You can hire a local broker to find you a Bangalore office space for rent in and around your desired area. Local broker will know
about properties that are not advertised even in newspapers. Sometimes both
tenant and property owner prefer to hire the service of brokers for discretion.
It also ensures more customized service.

Internet: Searching for suitable office spacesmeeting rooms has become really easy with the introduction of
internet. The powerful search engines get you results in minute.
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 , online advertisement has become the primary way of
meeting supply with demand. It is way faster and accurate than any other
traditional forms of advertisements.

Websites: There are websites dedicated to property selling and buying. They list all requirements and
properties like serviced offices Bangalore available for sell or rent. You can
perform advanced search on these sites based on your criteria to find the right
size office space.

Here are few things to keep in mind while you search for rented office property in Bangalore.

The office space must be proportional to the size of your business. If you choose a smaller workspace you
may find it difficult to accommodate all your employees and equipments. On the
other hand, too large an apartment may lead to wastage of space as well as money
on rent.

You need to keep provisions for conferences and team meetings and
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 , choose office spaces with meeting rooms. Along
with, there must be workable washrooms; pantry area and a lounge area at the
front desk were visitors can wait.

Most of the office premises in Bangalore are tactically located so that they can be reached from all corners of
the city. If your employees are to commute by their own vehicle there should be
enough parking space for them to keep their cars and bikes.

Another important factor for choosing the right Bangalore office space for rent is
security. In the industrial areas where all the offices are concentrated the
level of security offered is better.
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