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Name A Company Using The Company Name Search At The Company Name Register Business Articles | August 25 Cheap Jordan Melo 1.5 , 2008 Choosing a name for company during formation is not difficult but there are rules which have to be adhered to regarding the choice of company name. A
company name search of the company name register is important.

When a limited company is formed the founding subscribers and directors will decide the company name which when submitted forms part of the company

The final word of the company name must be limited, unlimited or public limited company depending upon the type of company being formed. Accepted
abbreviations of the name of company are accepted, those abbreviations typically
being ltd and plc.

Company names can be rejected by Companies House for a number of reasons Cheap Jordan Legacy 312 , the principal reason being that the name already exists on the company name register. Punctuation marks and insignificant
words such as the,and etc., would be ignored.

Name a company that sounds the same but contains a different spelling may be accepted. For example if Read Limited exists on the company names register and
Reed Limited does not the proposal to name a company Reed Limited would be
acceptable. If the name of company is interpreted as misleading due to
similarity of an existing name then that name would not rejected.

A name company adopts also be rejected if it is proposed to name a company including the words Cheap Jordan Future , limited, unlimited or public limited company occurs in the company name and not as the last word.

Other words which are not acceptable include investment company with variable capital, open ended investment company and the abbreviation SE.A company name
would also be rejected if that name was deemed offensive or using a proposed
name would be a criminal offence.

Names which include certain words are also rejected unless approved by the secretary of state. Any name which suggests affiliation to a local authority or
central government should be avoided. While the use of words indicating banking
activity do not require to be approved using such words should be avoided as
using such a name might well contravene other legislation relating to financial
services requiring the business to be authorised.

When a company name is accepted the acceptance and inclusion in the company name register does not protect the new company from objecting to that name on
the grounds of similarity. If such an objection was successful then a company
name change would be required. In addition should a name indicate the activities
of another company that other company can take legal action to prevent the use
of the company name.

If the company name be similar to a registered trade mark that name could be accepted onto the company name register but would not protect the company from
legal action. Having the name registered on the company name register would not
constitute a defence should legal action be taken by the trade mark holder.

Before a company name is proposed for either registration or a change from an existing name it is strongly advised to carry out a company name search with the
Companies House register of company names.. The company name register is
arranged in alphabetical order and when the proposed name is entered to conduct
a company name search the company name register defaults to those names which
may be similar.

Registration of the company name is effected when the companies house registration forms are submitted. Following the registration the certificate of
incorporation containing the company name is issued by Companies House.

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