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When jet fuel is lower, airlines will add flights on routes where they might not rs gold otherwise be profitable, which adds to passenger choices and can push
down fares. The opposite happens when fuel prices are higher. Fuel
prices are about 20% above where they were a year ago, and prices are
expected to climb higher in the next three months.
If you were HEART SET on buying a height based system, Go for the Airlift ones. Ive dealt with a lot of crappy Accuair setups in the past,
and you seem to have to pay a lot to get something that works AND looks
decent. Theres also a hell of a lot more wiring and setting up. The 3H
is 7 wires total, including the 4 height sensor wires. 3 If you went for
the 3P setup.
"AOL is at the center of the industry changing the world," wrote former Google executive Tim Armstrong in an e mail to company employees.
"We have a lot of work to do, but we can make a lasting and meaningful
impact on people's lives by building our company into what we know it
can be."
AOL serves more than 275 million global consumers each month. We have the largest digital ad network by reach and many of the top content
sites on the Internet. We have a massive local distribution platform and
a communications network that serves more than 100 million people. Not
to mention, there is an entire suite of assets we've rediscovered during
the past three months that had been nearly counted out of the AOL
portfolio. Most importantly, the pipeline of employee innovation is
flowing again.
If you choose to use the Services to conduct a promotion, including a contest or sweepstakes, you alone are responsible for conducting the
promotion in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The
terms of your promotion must specifically state that the promotion is
not sponsored by, endorsed by, or associated with Reddit and the rules
for your promotion must require each entrant or participant to release
Reddit from any liability related to the promotion.
It's the last week of business for our state legislators before this year's session ends on Monday and they adjourn until January meaning
just five more (business) days to tackle a number of high profile issues
and turn some bills into law. As we wrote yesterday, a slew of Bronx
representatives are pushing to pass stronger state rent laws before the
week ends, including Assemblyman Jose Rivera, who was arrested during a
lively protest outside Gov. Cuomo's office.
It disheartening when you help someone and spend time explaining something, and then two weeks later they ask for help on the same thing
again. Not only that, but when you try to explain a concept, people
never let on to the fact that they don understand something. I know I
not the world greatest teacher, yet somehow every time I ever asked
someone "does that make sense?" the answer is always yes. Usually when
you lose someone it obvious because they just start saying "ok.!" with
that cheerful inflection at the end and nod agreeingly every time you
say something. But nobody ever speaks up and so it irritates me when
they ask about the same thing later on.

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Posted 23 Aug 2019

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