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"Where's the harm? My cat seems to enjoy chocolate and it's only a small piece."

Just because certain foods Xander Bogaerts Red Sox Jersey , such as chocolate, are enjoyed by us humans and are perfectly safe for us, it does not mean they are suitable for
cats. Chocolate contains chemicals which rarely cause problems for humans, but
for cats and other domestic pets, these chemicals can, in rare cases Mookie Betts FlexBase Jersey , be deadly.

One problem is that cats in general find chocolate very tasty and so, it is important not to feed it to
them, otherwise they will eat what you give them up to the point where it
poisons them.

Chocolate contains the compound theobromine which is a diuretic as well as a cardiac stimulant. This can cause the pet's heart rate to
increase or it may cause the heart to beat irregularly, both of which can be
dangerous to the animal. The level of theobromine present in chocolate varies
depending on the type of chocolate. For example, dark chocolate contains higher
levels than milk chocolate and so could pose a greater risk to your

There are many problems that can result from feeding a cat chocolate. Chocolate is relatively high in calories so it can contribute to the
development of obesity in your cat. A cat can lose its appetite for it's normal
food if it eats chocolate. The largest problem is though the fact that chocolate
contains the chemical theobromine as mentioned above. If this chemical builds up
in the cats system, it can be potentially lethal J. D. Martinez FlexBase Jersey , and one reason for this is that cats cannot clear theobromine from their bodies as quickly as people can.

Many cat owners would simply expect their pet to develop an upset stomach after
eating a large amount of chocolate but few realize its lethal

Further problems which can arise from chocolate poisoning are Diuresis (increased urine production), diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, depression,
and muscle tremors. These are signs which must be recognized by any cat owner so
that the cat is not fed too much chocolate.

Treatment for chocolate poisoning in its advanced stage can be very unpleasant for both the cat andthe
owner of the cat Blake Swihart FlexBase Jersey , so it is much better to be safe and to cut down chocolate consumption of your cat to a minimum. If you do have worries
that your cat has consumed large quantities of human chocolate it would be wise
to consult your vet - pronto. Spotting the symptoms early on can be very
beneficial and can give the cat a much better chance of surviving any poisoning
which may have occurred.

If you wish to feed your cat chocolate, there are alternate "chocolate" treats for cats which are produced by some pet food
manufacturers. They will either use a vegetable substitute made to taste and
look like chocolate, or they will take out the theobromine, or use greatly
reduced, safe levels in the chocolate treats they produce. While a very small
amount of chocolate may not be harmful to some cats, it is always safest to
avoid giving any to them at all.

About The Author

If you have a pet related web site and you wish to reproduce the above article you are welcome
to do so Jackie Bradley Jr FlexBase Jersey , provided the article is reproduced in its entirety, including this resource box and live link to . Cat art posters,
art prints, cat calendars and cat collectibles. Great cat gifts for yourself or
your cat loving friends. Larry@ Marvellous Highlights of AngularJS
In this article, we will cover a few the most basic AngularJS thoughts to get the "far
reaching view." It is my goal that, consequent to seeing a bit of these
features Dustin Pedroia FlexBase Jersey , you will be sufficiently empowered to go and manufacture something fun with AngularJS.
AngularJS is an unprecedented JavaScript structure that has some outstandingly persuading features for
engineers, and additionally originators moreover! In this instructional
exercise, we will cover what I consider to be the most essential features, and
how they can help make your next web application extraordinary.
The Elevator Pitch: AngularJS in a Nutshell
AngularJS is another, serious, Angularjs Coaching in Bangalore David Price FlexBase Jersey ,client side development that gives a technique for accomplishing amazingly competent things in a way that grips and widens HTML,
CSS and JavaScript, while shoring up a segment of its glaring insufficiencies.
The thing HTML would have been, had it been worked for dynamic substance.

Feature 1: Two Way Data-Binding:-
Consider your model the single-wellspring of-truth for your application. Your model is the place you go
to scrutinize or revive anything in your application.
Data confining is likely the coolest and most supportive segment in AngularJS. It will save you
from making a considerable measure out of standard code. A common web
application may contain up to 80% of its code base, focused on intersection,
controlling Xander Bogaerts FlexBase Jersey , and tuning in to the DOM. Data confining impacts this code to vanish, so you can fixate on your application.
For the most part, when the model changes, the architect is accountable for physically
controlling the DOM segments and credits to reflect these movements. This is a
two-way street. One way, the model changes drive change in DOM parts. In the
other, DOM segment changes require changes in the model. This is furthermore
convoluted by customer joint effort Cool Base Mookie Betts Jersey , since the specialist is then accountable for deciphering the affiliations, mixing them into a model, and reviving the view.
This is an astoundingly manual and cumbersome process, which winds up hard to
control, as an application creates in size and capriciousness.
Feature 2: Templates:-
It's imperative to comprehend that at no time does AngularJS control the format as strings. It's the whole program DOM.
In AngularJS, a configuration is unmitigated old-HTML. The HTML vocabulary is
extended Cool Base J. D. Martinez Jersey , to contain rules on how the model should be foreseen into the view.
The HTML designs are parsed by the program into . Wholesale Jordan Shoes   Wholesale Nike Air Max   Cheap Nike Shoes China   Wholesale Mens Nike Shoes   Cheap Jordan 12   Wholesale Nike Shoes   Cheap Air Max 270 Flyknit   Cheap Air Max 90 Online   Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Essential   Cheap Air Max 270 Kids 

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