The methods to deal with the temperature rise of the raymond mill

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The thermic wear of the Raymond Mill is because of the heat generated during the function which causes friction between each other. This kind of friction produces heat and makes the temperature rise, which is a common problem during the Raymond mill functioning and will influence the flexibility of the equipment, so the experts of our company here will explain the problem and give some solutions to prevent the too high temperature of the Raymond mill chamber:
The rising temperature is because that the leakproofness of the equipment decreases after a long-term usage which may lead to the grease coming out of the equipment. This will not only increase the bearing temperature and decrease the flexibility of the machine, but also pollute the materials inside. At this time, we could regulate the ventilation of the mill chamber, namely to open the ventilating duct, making the air in the chamber contact with the air outside and cooling the chamber down. We also should pay attention to the working condition of every lubricating point, like the bearings and roller etc. and add fixed amount of lubrication to them at the fixed time, creating a good environment for the equipment to operate. This can enhance the flexibility of all components and reduce the resistance between it and the ground, thus a long service life of it.
The things above are the solutions to the temperature rise in the mill chamber, if you have any questions, please contact us, and we will give you the most detailed solution.
Posted 24 Sep 2019

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