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Do you want to reset your AccountLive password from a new device? Thankfully, the steps are not so difficult. Before proceeding, what you have to recall is whether the two-step authentication feature is on or off. Let’s take the first instance, i.e., if the feature is on; in this case, go to Now, enter your registered email address or phone number.Microsoft will immediately send apassword reset code on email or phone number. To get the code, check your email or your phone’s messaging application. With the help of this code, set a new password for your account.

Now, we will consider the secondscenario, i.e., if the two-step verification feature is off. In this case,
steps for the Account Livecom password reset process will be different. Go to and provide an alternate email address followed by your registered email address. The Account Livepassword reset code will be sent to you on the provided alternateemail.

Get the code by logging in to your email addressand searching for the Microsoft password reset email. You can now reset yourpassword. Use this new password with your existing login credentials to access
your Microsoft account.

Posted 26 Sep 2019

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