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Los Angeles is a big place. I live about 12 miles from Downtown LA. It takes me about 3.5 hours from my house to the Flamingo exit if there is no heavy traffic and if I don't have to stop for anything but a quick gas tank fill. But I'm off the 210 freeway that hooks right up to the 15 to Vegas so that cuts about 40 minutes off what the trip used to be. Likewise, if you're going to an area farther west in Los Angeles (which is likely what you're contemplating) it will take closer to four hours most likely as you will almost certainly hit more traffic than I do on an ordinary day.
What is it that you want to see in Los Angeles? The beaches? Hollywood? The downtown area? The answers to those questions will make a difference in terms of where to stay. And what is "decent price" to you? You might want to check the forum on L.A. for some good hotel recommendations.

Truthfully, I can't see driving to LA in the middle of a trip to Vegas. That's a minimum 7 hour round trip drive where you'll see little to nothing of much interest, and then LA is so spread out that you won't have time to see more than a few of the "sights" on an overnight trip.

Posted 29 Sep 2019

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