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The cash for clunkers program is the informal term given to the Car Allowance Rebate System which has been proposed by the Government. This
gives a new incentive to the Americans to trade their gas consuming cars for
more fuel efficient new cars. This rebate program offers cash vouchers to those
who want this trade off.

The cash for clunkers was passed in June by the Congress to improve the struggling auto sales and also as an attempt to improve
the environment. The program officially started on July 1 Cheap Jordan 6 , 2009 and ended on 24th August 2009. The paperwork would be handled by the new car dealers who would be the instruments of the National
Highway Traffic Safety Administration to administer this system.

The basic concept of the program is such: In case you own a vehicle model 1984 or
newer than that, which has been insured as well as registered for the past year
and gets 18 miles to the gallon or less, then you qualify for the program. The
condition is the car should be drivable.

This program was originally funded with $1 billion which is the taxpayers' money. The idea was to provide a
rebate up to $4500 to the dealers selling new cars and accepting old ones with
bad mileage- the condition being that the dealer should completely scarp the old
car and destroy all its parts.

The dealer is to provide the buyer with an estimate of the scrap value of the car you are trading in. This estimate
would be in addition to the rebate offered and would not be tallied against

Statistically this program led to the scrapping of more than about 700 Cheap Jordan 5 ,000 vehicles. The Cash for Clunkers program may have had a short term benefit in helping the car dealers in clearing their inventories
which were getting crowded; the more ever lasting effect is perhaps the
psychological game changer. This program has acted as a fear breaker to the U.S

As more and more people were suffering the onslaught of the recession, yet they came forward to take benefit of this program and buy a new
car. It gave a new hope and lent support to the belief that economy is indeed
picking up once more.

Every such program when launched for the very first time would have its good and bad points. As will different people have different
opinions on the success or failure of it. In the end, one can say that the
concept is a noble one and the idea behind it a very positive step towards
getting the less fuel efficient vehicles off the road. Besides this it did go a
long way in boosting the auto sales and providing the dealers as well the buyers
a compromising line where they can both benefit. Add to it the benefits to the
environment with more fuel efficient Cheap Jordan 3 , less polluting vehicles on the road, the program in all possibility may have achieved what it originally set out to.
Types of New Projects and Solutions

Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County

In year 2 of the project, the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County estimates they would serve nearly 2500 seniors by 201011. The aim of the project
is to connect individuals newly diagnosed using Alzheimer’s disease or related
dementia and their own families to community learning services and support with
the duration of the disease.

Going Home

Also in year 2 Cheap Jordan 12 , the Going Home project was made in Carefor Health together with Community Services Center within Ottawa.
Assisted Living Services

In year 3 in the project Assisted Living Services that include 247 access to in-home services was established in Killaloe, Renfrew and surrounding area,
Carleton Position Cheap Jordan 11 , Almonte and area, In town and Centertown Ottawa, Orleans Cheap Jordan 10 , Ottawa Southern and Ottawa West.

Exercise Programs

Therapy teams in Sarnia and Chatham-Kent are leading physical exercise programs for seniors suffering from chronic health conditions like stroke and


Transportation is available in the Brampton area to give seniors rides to prearranged consultations.

Assistance around Toronto

Some sort of Toronto area program is providing seniors in supportive houses with counseling, homemaking solutions, together with security check-ins and
relief medication reminders.

Success Stories

That OASIS program is component of Ontario’s Aging at Property strategy. It’s one of seven Aging at home programs in Kingston and provides support to 40
retirees. The seven programs inside Kingston area serve over 700 seniors and
along the Southeast LHIN there are generally 11 programs that fulfill over 2400
seniors. As a result of its third year Cheap LeBron 16 , the Aging at home strategy had funded across 600 projects.

Some sort of February 1, 2011 News Release stated that McGuinty Government’s Aging in your house Strategy has helped reduce ER wait times. Seniors in the
Kingston area have improved access to health care and better standard of living
due to the innovative programs that are now bringing support to their homes.
That OASIS program in Kingston provides three on-site personal help workers that
help that residents of 237 Bath Road to reside in independently in their own
apartments. One of the workers assists residents with usage of health care
services along with the two additional workers are on site each night of the
week with incidents where someone needs a hand.
Any time is a good time to start looking your retirement options. Regarding pension residences in
Ontario, I’d like to make available some tips on things to consider when
shopping for your retirement residence.

Consider taking time to visit the communities which happen to have already attracted your curiosity. Make a list of questions and concerns that you want
answered and bring a notebook along with you to make notes at the time of or
after your visit. Just as you’d test drive a car before deciding to
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