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Centrophenoxine, according to Wikipedia, is an ester of dimethylethanolamine (DMAE) and 4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid (pCPA). DMAE
is a natural substance, found especially in fish. pCPA is a synthetic
compound that resembles a variety of plant hormones called auxins.
Centrophenoxine is a Cholinergic compound with a DMAE
(Dimethylaminoethanol) component, and acts as a better absorbed
transporter of DMAE into the brain. It is sold under the brand name
Lucidril but can easily be bought over the counter or online with the
names as Centro, meclofenoxate,etc.Nootropics powder
Centrophenoxine is synthesized from DMAE who is a natural chemical that has been shown to improve areas of cognition and mood.
Centrophenoxine vs DMAE
One thing for sure is that Centrophenoxine is much stronger than DMAE as a nootropic. This is likely due to a higher bioavailability of
Centrophenoxine or a difference in how it is metabolized in the liver.
If you are taking DMAE as a choline source, consider switching to
Centrophenoxine as it is known to be more powerful as a nootropic
Both substances are broken down in the liver. The liver metabolizes both
substances and breaks them down into choline or phospholipid molecules.
DMAE has been suggested to have limited effectiveness because the
choline molecules are charged and therefore have limited effectiveness
in getting to the brain.
Benefits of taking Centrophenoxine supplements
From the introduction of Wikipeida, centrophenoxine has been clinically
shown to improve memory, have a mentally stimulating effect, and improve
general cognition. centrophenoxine also increases cellular membrane
Centrophenoxine does not just help improve the memory, but also aids in
protecting memory and reversing the effects of aging on the brain.
Centrophenoxine increases RNA which are used by neurons to create
protein which is used to encode memory and mend damaged cells in the
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