Is it possible to care for a paralyzed person?

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My brother had an accident. His back is damaged. His legs aren't working fully soon. Can I take care of him with my family on my own?
Posted 18 Oct 2019

mikinik says
For such leaving requires certain skills. Are you a nurse or a doctor?
Posted 20 Oct 2019

reekin says
Your brother needs qualified medical care and long-term rehabilitation. He will need massage scan snoors and special treatments.  I can recommend American home care specialists from All American Home Care . It's a center that's been helping people for years.
Posted 24 Oct 2019

sannyday says
Home care is much better than caring in someone else's place. You will need qualified staff to care for the paralyzed. Also you will need to change some things in your home for the convenience of your paralyzed relative
Posted 27 Dec 2019

kleyn says
It is very important that your brother feels comfortable at home. Organize his life. Rehabilitation is a long process. Make sure your brother has water and a toilet nearby. You can install a smart toilet for your brother.  Such a toilet raises comfort and hygiene to a new level. Smart toilets are equipped with bidet functions that will improve hygiene. To choose a smart toilet you can explore the best smart toilet review on This will help you decide. The review summarizes the benefits of a particular model.
Posted 28 Dec 2019

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