What role does sport play in your life?

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Is sport important to you? How many times a day do you play sports?
Posted 27 Oct 2019

Dr.vykto says
Every weekend me and my fellas gather together to play some basketball, while we are young we can enjoy that moment lol
Posted 29 Oct 2019

Gevorg says
I’d like to play sport more often than I do it now . And also I’d like to watch more often , but my job is important for me too , so all I can do is just to check scores https://fscore.ug/  nd watch sometimes sport news or read sport news topic, at least I’m aware of some latest news. 
Posted 29 Oct 2019

whuhmiles says
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Posted 31 Oct 2019

?Sport is very important for me, i am a healthy person with a passion to football. When I ended playing football professional, I started just betting sport events at Parimatch and even written a small review https://topbetting.in/parimatch-review/ because wanted to keep my passion, even in another way. Betting just for fun.
Posted 26 Oct 2020

filafila says
I like to watch it online and also to play FIFA on my PC.
Posted 12 Nov 2020

Mila89 says
I think that sport is really important  but I also watch different casino matches and it is really interesting.
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Posted 12 Nov 2020

Starscream says
I was interested in sports as a child, often played football with friends, but over time, other hobbies appeared and sports games faded into the background. Only recently I learned that you can earn money on sports not only through gambling or participation in matches, but through the affiliate program gambling-offers.in on various conditions, the percentage of the bookmaker's earnings or for the number of registered users. I've been doing this for a month now and I'm starting to get my first income, a really promising area for earning money.
Posted 22 Feb 2021

gangathara says

Every weekend me and my fellas gather together to play some cricket

Posted 22 Feb 2021

mindbowser says
Posted 15 Mar 2021

vickytory says
I wonder if the game is considered a herbal remedy or not? :)))) I play sports day and night. do you want to play shooting venge io game to relax?
Posted 18 Mar 2021

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Posted 07 Jul 2021

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