Tracked mobile crusher will corrode and rust under the action of water and oxygen

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The portable crusher is cast from steel. Steel can corrode and rust under the action of water and oxygen, which can damage the crawler-type mobile crusher and shorten the life of the crusher. Solutions to prevent corrosion and rusting of gravel machines:
The crawler type mobile crusher should be stored in a drying room or a sealed chamber to prevent corrosion and rust caused by the mixing of moisture and oxygen. For long-term storage, the crusher should be operated for a few minutes on a regular basis to ensure good lubrication between the various parts of the crusher and to prevent rust between important parts. Remove the stone crusher parts from the body and apply a preservative.
The outer layer of the crawler-type mobile crusher is coated with a layer of preservative or seal to reduce the chance of rust. Place the electronics under the contact parts or apply a preservative to prevent rust from coming into contact with the ground. When the stone crusher is used again after long-term storage, the crusher must be inspected to prevent rust, rust or insufficient long-term storage of lubricating oil, thereby reducing its efficiency and life. Crusher.
The bearing is fully loaded by the negative machine, so good lubrication has a lot to do with bearing life. It directly affects the life and operating rate of the machine. Therefore, the required oil must be cleaned and the seal must be good. Newly installed tires are prone to loosening and must be inspected frequently. Pay attention to whether the work of each part of the machine is normal.
Pay attention to the degree of wear of the wearable parts and always pay attention to replacing the worn parts. The plane of the movable gear landing gear should be free of dust and other materials to prevent the movable bearing from moving on the chassis when the machine encounters materials that are not easily broken, causing serious accidents. If the bearing oil temperature rises, stop the inspection immediately and eliminate the cause. If there is a crash when the rotating gear is running, stop checking and eliminate it immediately.
Posted 01 Nov 2019

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