Ahsan back in films

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Ahsan back in films

Ahsan Khan is one film actor who, upon finding no great roles, left the filmdom, taking refuge in television plays such as Anna. Today, however, it seems his first love was always film. The young, fair and handsome actor told The Nation Plus in a recent meeting that he was waiting impatiently for ‘Tere Bin Jiya Na Jaye’, his first film project in many years.
Ahsan revealed that the film is a different project and that’s why he is pinning all his hopes with it. “I left the film industry as it hindered my growth. There were typical roles and by the end of the day there was no credit of the work that was done,” said Ahsan. “I didn’t sign any film before that as there was no new work and I need variation in my work” he continued.
Revealing the details of the film, Ahsan Khan said, “The film is been directed by Imran Malik and the cast includes Nadeem sb, Zara Sheikh, Imran Malik, Sherry, Hanif Raja, Tariq Shah, Naghma and Rabia Tabassum. It is a very light romantic story with ample of drama, comedy, romance and action.” Ahsan expects that the film will grip audience as the story is good. The film was earlier planned to be released on 6th of this month but was postponed as Ajab Gul released his film, and now it is expected to released somewhere in May.’
He was of the view that though it is Imran Malik’s debut film as a director but he has shown enough confidence and has a good potential to prove himself in this field. “He is a very talented person and was revealed when I did my first project with him for ARY,” he said.
The music boosts a combined production of Indian and Pakistani singers, though music has been composed by M. Asharf but Tauseef, Asma Lata, Sonu Nigham and Alka have sung the songs. The shooting of this film had been done completely in Dubai and the songs were choreographed by Ashraf Shirazi. Talking about his character, Ahsan said, “My character in this film is of a insecure, shy person who is dumb in the start and lacks confidence. But over the course of the film, he changes into a hero. The film has been important for me and my career as I have put a lot in it. ” Ahsan these days is making random appearances in Faisal Bokhari’s ‘Sufaid Posh’, a soap running on a local TV channel these days. Besides that he is also working in other plays like S. Suleiman’s ‘Kahani Muhabbat Ki’, ‘Anaa’, Faisal Bokhari’s ‘Kiran’ & ‘Barson Baad’, ‘Duriyaan’, Ayub Khawar’s Pataal, Shaukat Zain’s ‘Muthi Bhar Asmaan’, Farooq Parao’s ‘Kabhi Koi Aye Ga’ and Khalil-urRehman Qamar’s ‘Dil Hai Keh Dia Hai’.
Posted 24 Apr 2005

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