Why free VPNs are very dangerous.

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Why free VPNs are very dangerous.
Blocked sites can be bypassed by VPN
The abbreviation VPN stands for Virtual Private Network-virtual private network. The connection to it takes place on top of the standard network connection. And it was conceived for good purposes.
In the corporate sector, private networks are used for secure encrypted access of employees to company resources. But they can be used for other purposes.
VPN-a way to hide location and remove restrictions
With the help of special software based on VPN, you can get access to banned resources in the country. So you can use Spotify, which is not yet available in Russia and several other countries. Or company services Mail.ru and Yandex, which began to limit in Ukraine.
What is the difference between paid and free VPN
VPN services differ in security, purpose, protocols and access price. In the latter, the difference between paid and free solutions is particularly interesting.
In the first case, there are no questions to monetization. The user pays money for the use of private networks. And these funds cover technical costs, employee salaries and other costs.
With free harder. There is no charity, so the benefit of the owners is indirect. They could be monetized by advertising, but implementation is problematic. The question arises — what is the catch?!
And it's all about the cooperation of the owners of VPN services with partners who are interested in the information transmitted with their help.
Why can't you trust all VPN services
Imagine a VPN as a special corridor through which your data goes to bypass closed doors or locks. If you paid for the pass, no one is interested in your information. If not — in this corridor is a camera that captures the action.
In this case, the corridor is not just a stream of information about the sites that you use. With him for hand go logins, passwords and other information, which can value.
Look for an alternative to blocked sites without a VPN
As a result, when you use a free VPN, you give the key to your personal life to almost a random passerby. So keep this in mind-especially on a smartphone, which today is your whole world.
And do not rely on paid solutions (NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Trust.Zone, PureVPN, VyprVPN and similar). Of course, the owners of such services are less interested in selling information, but they can be hacked by attackers or asked to share data with the authorities. I don't know what's worse.
I advise you to pass by VPN services to which there is no absolute trust
It is better to look for alternatives to blocked sites, rather than a way to circumvent the ban. I'm sure that little-known VPNs have more reasons to leak your data to detractors than services with a name that will be caught in this at the moment.
Posted 18 Nov 2019

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