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Do you think that rap is number one genre today?
Many people say that they listen to it just to seem cool ones.. it makes me feel laugh and only...
Actually not a fan of this genre . What about you?
Posted 19 Nov 2019

Repety says
I don't like rap music.. but I see that many people go crazy about this genre..
What do you find in it? I think that it's made for teens .. no more.
Posted 19 Nov 2019

Ukitoria says
Wow.. I've been listening to Rap music ever since I was a kid .. my best one is King Lil G https://world-celebs.com/celebrity/757-king-lil-g.html he is the best one for sure ! He's a real OG the one who hustles and makes good rap . It's so hard to find a worthy rapper today.
Posted 20 Nov 2019

timeii says
I don't think that Rap is number one music genre, because it is really depends from the place where you listen to music, I can give you a 100% that rap is not number one in India or Germany or South Korea.
Posted 06 Dec 2019

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