Where do you have vacation? Have you ever been to holiday cottages?

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I'm just curious where do you rest? What are the best places to go to have a nice vacation and simply to relax?
Posted 05 Dec 2019

Smithyy1 says
Last vacation I took was in Poland. Loved the country. Very affordable and very beautiful. There are a lot of museums and awesome bakeries. Planning my next one to England. Specifically Suffolk. Has anyone stayed there? What tips do you have?
Posted 05 Dec 2019

Try2Ki55Me says
Hey I'm an experienced traveler. I used to live in Suffolk so I know the area pretty well. There are a lot of options but my favorite one is the beautiful cozy cottages by the green valley. They are also pet friendly. I love them. It's a very good option and it's not far from London
Posted 05 Dec 2019

GroovEye says
yeah agreed. If you are going to Suffolk area the cozy holiday homes are your best option. They really are pet friendly as well. I rented one out a few years back. The host was sweet and really nice and my dog loved the space so it was really nice for both of us.
Posted 05 Dec 2019

DenwerMan says
I have been in London about 10 ago. Christmas is a fantastic time there. The streets shine with different garlands. Awesome view. I also adore France, but i have never been there. Also i had a chance to visit Poland, Germany and Denmark. Very cool in all of them but in different ways.This Christmas i'm going to visit Prague. My sister lives there. I plan to be there only a few days. That's why she said we can do a river cruise by Vltava River. She recommended me to use this for booking tickets on https://prahatrip.cz/ I'll see Prague's landmarks from the water. Im sure i'll get unforgettable experience.
Posted 26 Dec 2019

sannyday says
Home care is much better than caring in someone else's place.  You will need qualified staff to care for the paralyzed. Also you will need to change some things in your home for the convenience of your paralyzed relative
Posted 27 Dec 2019

maxfox says
I believe that rest primarily depends not on the place, but on the people with whom you travel, on your company and on your mood!
Posted 29 Apr 2020

I advise you to visit many countries in your life. After all, you can see how different people live. I am sure that traveling has a great effect on people.
It seems to me that the best way to relax in an unknown country is to try to visit all the places. I advise you to rent a car, it will be very comfortable, especially if you are going to travel not alone, but with your family or friends. You can go to any place you wish at any time. Only the main thing is not to make a mistake in the company Evolve where you plan to turn. There are a lot of them now, but there are not very many reliable ones.
Posted 29 Apr 2020

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