Does anyone genuinely think Ronaldo is better than Messi?

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Does anyone genuinely think Ronaldo is better than Messi?
Posted 14 Dec 2019

Ronaldo rarely disappoints his fans, almost always agreeing for autographs and photos/ selfies. This is why he is loved by millions, all over the world. He might be taunted as someone who is very “selfish” on the pitch, but off the pitch, he is very good to his fans. He does a lot of charity work and donates blood frequently. Everyone has a good side and a bad side to them. I am sure Ronaldo is flawed too, at some level. But I choose to ignore that, for he is human too. I choose to enjoy his skills, I choose to be enthralled by his aura.
Posted 16 Dec 2019

freestown7 says
I do not think you will argue that Messi is the most talented and titled player ever. If you are a real amateur of football you have the same opinion. I have been his fan since 2002 and since then I have watched practically all his matches. I also bet through  from time to time to make sure he is a real star
Posted 16 Dec 2019

Laurel12 says
In my opinion Messi's the better man ON the pitch, but Ronaldo will always be the better man OFF it. May Allah guide them both to the straight path.  Here at king essays reviews you can get the best services of paper writing and all other services that are related to writing.
Posted 19 Dec 2019

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