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Gold ore processing process and production line equipment introduction: Gold mine production line process (CIP) is a non-filtered cyanide carbon slurry process that uses activated carbon to directly absorb gold from cyanide pulp, including preparation of leaching pulp, cyanide leaching, activated carbon Adsorption, desorption of gold-bearing carbon, electrokinetics to obtain gold mud, decarbonization, and leaching of slurry for seven stages of operation.

Prominer's gold ore crushing production line features high degree of automation, high crushing rate, low operating cost, energy saving and environmental protection, and fine grain size. According to the specific production requirements, we can provide you with a complete set of process solutions and technical support to ensure that your needs are met.

Gold ore characteristics: Gold ore is a mineral body with sufficient gold content and industrial utilization. From the value of gold, it is not difficult to find the considerable commercial prospect of the gold ore processing industry. However, the gold ore needs to be mineralized to become a gold concentrate with a higher gold grade or gold ore, and then it can be refined gold and gold products after smelting.

Gold is a crystal at normal temperature, equiaxed crystal system, vertical crystal lattice, natural good crystal form is extremely rare, often in the form of irregular granules, agglomerates, flakes, nets, dendrites, fibers and sponges. Pure gold is golden yellow, and its color can change accordingly when it contains impurities.

The gold mine production line process (CIP) (cyanide carbon slurry method) is first divided into three stages: crushing, grinding, grading, cyanidation, and carbon pulping. Compared with the zinc powder replacement method, the carbon slurry method saves the capital contribution of the solid-liquid separation device, reduces the use of cyanide, and maintains the environment. The carbon slurry method is particularly suitable for the treatment of ores with more mud, difficult to settling and poor filtration function.

All kinds of advantages make the gold mine production line CIP become one of the most commonly used methods in gold ore dressing technology. The ultra-fine lamination self-grinding machine used during crushing, grinding, grading, grinding, and grading, a section of open-circuit crushing and one-stage closed-circuit grinding technology greatly shortened the entire process.

The ore is excavated from the stope and transported into the original mine silo. It is broken into the jaw crusher through the plate type feeding machine, and then transported to the powder mine bin for storage by the belt conveyor. Through the sieving effect of the broken ore through the linear vibrating screen, two kinds of commodities on the sieve and under the sieve are formed. The sieve material is sent to the ball mill by a large angle belt conveyor, and the ore processed by the grinding is sieved back from the head by a linear vibrating screen.

The vibrating screen is passed through a pipe into a wear-resistant hydrocyclone. By the cyclone classification, the qualified ore is discharged from the cyclone through the cyclone overflow to the next period, while the oversized aggregate is discharged from the underflow and mixed with the sieve of the linear vibrating screen to enter the ball mill from the head. Through the above process, the ore is ground - 200 mesh 60-70%.

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