Typical mistakes in betting on football in Kenya

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Mistakes in betting on football are made by both beginners and experienced players. Their systematic assumption is fraught with loss of the Bank and serious losses. In order to prevent this, as well as to notice the mistakes made by bookmakers, consider the frequent misses of participants in football betting.

Typical mistakes in betting on football
No. 1
The first and most common reason for making mistakes is betting on emotions. Such emotional bets include bets on your favorite team. Bettor believes in her, ignoring the statistics that can say that the chances of winning a particular match or championship she has a minimum.

Also, such bets are sometimes made under General emotional pressure – for example, when watching a match in a sports bar. It is important to make bets with a cool head and full confidence, obtained on the basis of studying statistics.

No. 2
The second reason for errors in betting on football partly stems from the first. It lies in the fact that the bettor puts on a poorly studied team only on the basis of General information about its status and capabilities.

Suppose a Grand meets an outsider team on its field. Odds in bookmakers to win the top club attractive, bettor puts without hesitation. At the same time, a simple study of statistics can show that this outsider, for example, has never lost at home in the championship, although he has already met with other favorites.

No. 3
The third reason for mistakes is mistakes in football betting strategies. This is either ignoring some of the rules of the strategy, or the inability to dispose of the Bank. Experienced players assess the risks and put a strictly defined percentage of the Bank. Inexperienced or too emotional player can break and put too large a sum in the hope to hit the jackpot. As a result – defeat and loss of money.

Tips on how to avoid misses
Advice for beginners-to bet cautiously or not to do at all, if there is the slightest doubt or gaps in information.

Beginners are recommended to play for virtual money for the first time and record the results in a specific time interval. If these results at the distance will be positive, only then you can risk money, starting with small amounts that are not sorry to lose.

Bookmakers often make mistakes in the lines, giving low or inflated odds. BC can do this intentionally or accidentally. Intentional actions are associated either with the desire to attract as many players as possible, or in order to compare the odds with the offices of competitors.

Random errors are associated with the lack of analysts and the provision of inflated coefficients for certain teams. This often happens in Live-lines, where bookmakers unreasonably believe or, conversely, do not believe in specific teams.

More and more mistakes bookmakers make in betting on statistics, so many of them do not favor such bets. Too many nuances should be considered in the proposals for this type of bet.

Summing up, we note that you can not bet on your favorite team, bet in bars and other similar institutions, where emotions often prevail over the bettor. It is important to make a bet with a cool head and adhere to a clear developed line of behavior. In addition, it is not superfluous to tighten knowledge of the rules of football, which can also affect the game.

All the details of the rules do not even know many players, to say nothing of the lovers of betting, especially for beginners. It is also necessary to carefully study the rules of bookmakers to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Posted 19 Dec 2019

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Krot says
There is a feeling that Kenya cannot resist today. The team in the qualifying tournament in friendly matches showed that they can play defense. And then I took it and forgot how. Four goals in two matches, including from Tanzania, this is a lot of guys. You can’t live like this for a team that scores on big holidays. And the worst thing for Kenya is that today she is playing with Senegal, which victory is vital. Which is stronger in composition and moves better.
Posted 20 Dec 2019

Lessna says
Kenya has never beaten Senegal in four in-person matches. They were not even able to score at least one goal against the opponent. The situation is extremely disappointing. Against strong opponents, the attack of the Kenyan team dissolves. Senegal must win to leave the group. It is also highly likely that Kenya once again will not be able to print the gate of Senegal.
Posted 20 Dec 2019

Dzonn says

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Posted 20 Dec 2019

Krot says
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Posted 20 Dec 2019

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