How to Win at Slots: Secret Pro Tips for Beating Slots

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In this article:
Questions you must ask before playing Slots
Tips on how to beat Slots more often
Three Slot machines with a high RTP (+ demo versions)
I don’t know you well, but I am 100 percent sure of one thing - you want to increase your chances of winning at Slots.
Who wouldn’t?

That’s why there are so many Slot strategy articles online - however, not all of them feature true info, and some of them exist solely to advertise Casinos .
This article is different.
Here, all the info on how to win at Slots is based on my personal experience.
That’s right - I’m an avid Slot player myself.
And even though I don’t have a foolproof system to beat every Slot machine on the internet (spoiler alert: it doesn’t exist), I have a few tips that might help you win at Slots more.
Let’s start!
Three Questions You Have to Answer Before Playing Slots
Here’s something you should know from the get-go: your Slot winnings totally depend on the random number generator.
Still, you can actually influence your wins at least a little bit by choosing the right Slots to play.
The following questions will let you make that choice more easily.
Is the RTP of the Slot High Enough?
The RTP (Return to Player Index) of a game is the most important piece of information you must find before you attempt to win at Slots.
The higher it is - the more money is returned to players.
Usually, you’ll see Slots with an index that goes from 94 to 96 percent.
However, you have to be especially careful with Jackpot Slot machines, as these tend to have a much lower RTP index than regular Slot games.
For example, the insanely-popular Jackpot Mega Moolah has an RTP of only 88.12 percent w88 casino .
That is critically low, and, let’s admit it, you don’t hit the Jackpot every day - that’s why a good Return to Player index is crucial.
I suggest you play Slots that have an RTP of no less than 96 percent.
And that’s not a problem, as there are lots of real money games like this.
Simply Google the Slot you want to play and the answer will appear right before your eyes.
Don’t ever skip this step.
Posted 23 Dec 2019

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