PC gaming vs Console gaming

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Haven't found such a debate in this section so decided to create a thread to ask you guys what is your preference and why
Posted 30 Dec 2019

Mehedov says
To decide which is better: a game console or a computer, you should focus on personal preferences, desires and tastes. For some, games are an opportunity to have a good time and escape from work, for others - a real passion. The consoles are ideal for gamers who have an LCD TV that supports HD and higher. 4K or Ultra HD resolution is becoming popular now, which supports PS4 Pro. Gaming gadgets are transportable, have a large supply of graphics power, and make it possible to use multiple users at once.
Posted 13 Nov 2020

Marinad says
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Posted 13 Nov 2020

Tweveseen says
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geekyflow says
Posted 10 Feb 2021

albert99 says
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Posted 15 Feb 2021

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suiso-you says
I've always liked to play something first, that is, the original one, and most of all I like pc games because it is more important for me to buy a powerful gaming computer than a console, but of course there are both pluses and minuses. If we take for comparison the noted the author about games, then everyone can find the perfect gaming equipment for themselves, and will be able to play those games that they like and are most suitable, even games with the possibility of earning))
Posted 25 Feb 2021

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havihavier says
Posted 24 Mar 2021

spin4play says
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Posted 26 Apr 2021

AlinaSpin says
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Posted 27 Apr 2021

mazkin7 says
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Posted 05 May 2021

miraadora says
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rose12 says
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shorp says
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Posted 09 Aug 2021

annajane says
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Posted 04 Oct 2021

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luomenth says
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miraadora says
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Posted 07 Dec 2021

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PC gaming
Posted 24 Jul 2022

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