tanks have already reduced 300 till every month

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the speed is quick of have already built a first standard spare parts, most of qualities all attain a request.The petroleum storage of the our country stock still has 12,000,000 tons currently, the local oil-field can already also ensure wartime's lowest every year 25,000,000 tons are standard.The copper Wu manganese chrome waits importance to has color metal to store 2,700,000 tons, still consign for the very first time last month 1 ton department gram dragon(aluminum lithium metal alloy), 2 ton Nie radicle metal alloys and 1 the ton Nie radicle titanium metal alloy.The glorious Lun of main chemical engineering article, turn fatty, synthesize rubber, explosive, three sour two alkalis, synthesize ammonia, Lin potassiums to all have to raise very greatly, this year's total yield's anticipating is 25,000,000 tons, is 1.3 times of last year.Crude steel minimal 40,000,000 tons, cement the 32,000,000 tons and coal is 500,000,000 tons.The strategic supplieses such as crude rubber, raw silk, wood oil, Wu and bristle etc. all have already carried out control in the nation, the situation don't be clear and distinct front we not suggest large-scale export these tight Qiao goods.
    Soldier work, 31 tanks have already reduced 300 till every month, 36 increases till every month 400, increase to 600s at the end of the year all right.From consume 200 to see around monthly on the average currently, the yield is still enough of, have no a necessity to immediately enlarge.Other armor vehicles are 3500 currently monthly, each kind of vehicle monthly 550,000.(contain motor not to contain tractor, also have half the car factory turn to produce aviation)Every month can enter Best Hunting Knife water 22 ten thousand, 35 warships(contain landing barge etc.) and other boats and shipses are 78, the year total shipbuilding tonnage anticipates in 6,000,000 ton top and bottoms.The airplane is quickest, only last month consign 3113, consumes with month just 372.The fierce breeze in earlier period and turn snakes all have already handed over to reduce yield for small factory, this part is mainly used for refitting to attackstone an airplane to the ground and equips second allied troops and exit.The double of the most electricity(navy's lightning flash, air force's thunder and lightning) fighter jet is 730 monthly, the Protestantism does monthly 210 of machine and bombs five 320 and bombs seven 230 and carries ten 260, carries six 130 and carries eight and carries nine 36.New Jian eight day power type the fighter jet just started being online, zero accessories productions hadn't kept up with, so the most can promise this half year a monthly big brigade.(is 118)Blow out gas an airplane to also start preparing to produce, but their yield is subjected to the restriction that the Nie radicle waits new material, year inside the most can consign 30 monthly.Arms and supplies, can also consign each kind of gun to pay now every month 200,000, each artillery is 5500 and all ammunitions of kit.
Posted 30 Dec 2019

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