Wedding hairstyle: partings

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Wedding hairstyle: partings
Credits: DR
For this first version "Mangaspirit", make two ponytails as in the photo. If you have very long hair,
you can make several ponytails and you will have to do the same gestures for each.
For perfect ponytails, use crochet elastics. They prevent creases when turning
the elastic.
Wedding hairstyle: the installation ofelastics
Credits: DR
Position silicone elastics as shown in thephoto. No need to turn them too much.
Do the same for the other ponytails.
Wedding hairstyle: hairstyling effect
Credits: DR
We move on to achieving the hairstylingeffect. Take the central wick at the bottom of your ponytail, pull it gently
then pull up your elastic to create the messy effect.
Wedding hairstyle: creation oflace front wigs uk hair buns
Credits: DR
Once the hair is done, take your hair andform a ball that you will work as you want to form at the end, a shape of a bun
that you will attach with bun clips.
Posted 02 Jan 2020

devaart says

Why, for God's sake, why all hair advice is for women only? Do those writers think that men shall look like savages at their own wedding? I will have my second wedding soon and I wanna know how to care for my beard. The thing is that with age it becomes more and more difficult. So thanks to my best man who advised the blog on how to grow a big beard, now my beard hopefully will grow faster.

Posted 14 Jan 2020

harrycohen says
Hi devaart, calm down! I am sure you are really knowledgeable so I need your help. Can you ask your connections where I can find something about how to style medium hair? I would ask the topic starter but I don't need a wig. 
Posted 03 Mar 2020

devaart says
Well neither do I at the moment. So regarding your question I checked that, and here you can see great updos for medium hair I know that the longer the hair is the more difficult it will be to take care of it. But with this website you will be fine.
Posted 04 Mar 2020

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